Reference – “Shihabden”

YOU got his beheading video Smacked DOWN in less than 24 hours.
Within the next 18 hours YOU got him – SUSPENDED!!!
Right now I’m at a loss for words except for what is in my heart –

YOU – Warriors all – are the best. The best. The best.

4 thoughts on “CYBER WARRIORS

  1. anonymous –Fury?This takedown came under the heading of hell hath no fury like……But I will admit – with that one video he accomplished what they want – to immobolize. I was immobolized for a good hour – just in shock – and then it came back – why we do this.Tell your friends – every minute they spent working on this “scum” was a minute spent in service to their country.Thank you for the note letting me know.

  2. col.smeage – thank you – and THANK YOU for joining us.And by the way – the two links you posted at Jawa – I’m getting them ready for Friday.

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