Oh patience is such – a – virtue!

How many of you have written asking if we had worked on oumMoadh and his (123) pieces of jihad garbage?
I had to keep saying – Yes, yes, but he’s not down – yet.

So the word spread and between Jawa and Kafir and Warintel and StarCMC and the awesome SMACKDOWN warriors – this cyberpig had no chance a-tall!
Thank you – Thank you – Thank you!

Poetic words from KittyLeapHore
– “WooFreakin HOO!!!!!”

10 thoughts on “Oh patience is such – a – virtue!

  1. Thank you star!Thank you blue moon!And blue moon – I am reading each of your post – am slightly swamped but I plan on working on the vids you sent!

  2. SuperSekritZH#? I forgot to say – thank you for the extra plug on Mr. Autopsy – I HATE those videos! We have already gotten two of his down a couple of weeks ago – he just replaced them. He’s only got five but he needs to be suspended!!!

  3. elysse – your right – it is odd. I was able to pull it up too – but click on his name – he shows suspended. Do a search on him and this video ONLY shows up. So there are 180+ down. But it’s odd for sure!

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