To The SmackDown Troops

Thanks to Grey Fox at Jawa who asked the question – “Is there a way to flag a user, instead of just flagging the videos?” To the best of my knowledge there is not – but – this did spawn an idea which has now been implemented.

I have posted the sites of jihad accounts which have multiple videos – all ripe for keyboard warriors with a little extra time on their hands who want MORE to smack down! Just click the link and smack as many as you want.
The idea – it’s a math thing. If an “author” – we’ll use WahabiAna as an example – has 175 videos and is suspended – that’s 175 videos in one fell swoop! The number of videos he/she has on site is noted as (175). (175)(180) indicates 5 videos added!

Yes, the individual videos are still here for those with just a few minutes a day to do the Smackdown deed.

The Juba/sniper video project at our sister site, Stop Internet Terrorists (S.I.T.), is going well in it’s transition to posting strictly Juba/sniper videos. Please visit when you can. Link, of course, provided to the right!

And last – thank you for supporting Youtube Smackdown. You’all are so awesome! Take a look at the number of accounts “suspended” so far this month. There have been over 850 videos removed due to suspensions and individual videos taken down increase that figure. Sweet!

This is 850+ videos fewer to encourage our enemies!
850+ videos our military families don’t have to see!

Thank you – WARRIORS all – Thank you!

9 thoughts on “To The SmackDown Troops

  1. Dont know much bout youtube etc. but just discovered your site and I would like to offer up this character for a possible smackdown.He seems like a nasty little Hezbo-Hamarse supporter. join the ranks when I am more familiar with these formats.great work over there.

  2. While there is no easy way to flag a profile, there is sometimes the option to flag a background image or profile image for TOS violation, provided the image can be portrayed as hate speech, a call to violence or other prohibited content.

  3. anonymous – I was unable to read what he wrote or understand what he was saying and therefore passed him along to someone who will look at him and get back to me. Smackdown is focused on Iraq and Afghanistan at this time just due to time and space limitations.You said you would join the ranks when your are more familiar – THANK YOU – and may I suggest going here – – thanksfor the additional information!

  4. anonymous posting 3/9Your right – that is a disturbing video. Am posting it and one other from that author for 3/11 smackdown. The submit links should work fine but you are the second person who has said so. Sorry. Keep trying!Thank you for helping!

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