Secret Wars Part II

Why can’t I read the words? Because these are secret plans, that’s why. Actually, it is just because Blogspot has a crappy graphic editor but thats not really the point. I am here today to tell you all something very important. The Battle for Iraq is over.
Uuummm….Svin? Who won?
Well, naturally, that is a secret. I can tell you who lost though. Saddam Hussein is the biggest loser. His charming offspring Uday and Qusay can be considered losers. That Bin Laden guy lost big time (even though he was in Afghanistan when Mohammed met the Mountain, so to speak). Al-Zarqawi took over in Iraq and promptly got smashed like a bug. Al-Sadr has eluded the virginal embrace, but wont be doing much talking on the cell-phone if he knows what is good for him. Al-Maliki is still a pain in the ass, but he is our pain in the ass so we own that one. Still, accidents happen. Hillary lost last week in a cage match against Petraeus. Al-Quaida in Iraq has been forcibly ejected from their “Capitol of the New Caliphate” in Al-Anbar (with heavy losses). The “surge” troops will be coming home (if only for a brief rest and re-fit) next summer. All-in-all, it looks like we can wrap this one up and file it in the WIN column. There wont be a formal surrender unless we get one of our battleships out of mothballs.
So Svin, are you telling us the War is over?
No. I said the Battle for Iraq is over. The war will continue. Phase one of the War against the Iranian Axis happened in early September when the Israeli Air Force took out a Syrian/Iranian/North Korean nuclear target in north-east Syria. The bombing of Iran will probably commence by December if the Israelis do it, or in the Spring if we do it. It will be much better if we do it, but the Israelis cannot afford to ignore a nuclear threat and will operate on their own timetable. The map above shows the approximate range of the Iranian Shahab-3 missile which can carry a 2,000 lb. warhead. Draw your own conclusions.
The (U.S.) campaign against Iran will be largely a naval/air campaign which will seek to quickly neutralize all of Iran’s long-range assets. If they mobilize for a land incursion into Iraq or elsewhere, well, then they are more stupid than they look(hard to imagine, I know). The festivities will be accompanied by a(surprise) spike in oil prices, threats from the Chinese, more Moonbats marching to the Internationale in Washington D.C. and the usual lying and perfidy from the MSM, the UN, the DNC, the EU, the Russians, and NAMBLA (to name just a few). Same as usual. Us against the world. Waddya gonna do?
Just remember two things. These bastards started it and we are gonna finish it. Everything else is just fishwrap. Don’t tell anyone. It will be just our little secret war, mmmkaayyy ?????
This report is brought to you directly from Odin’s High Seat by Hugin, Muninn and Svin. All future facts have been verified by the three Norns at the Well of Urd.” Quoth The Raven” denies that this post ever existed

2 thoughts on “Secret Wars Part II

  1. Basil says:Has the USA ever faced a more incompetent enemy than the present and soon to be defunct Axis of Evil? The only thing that slowed the US army’s drive toward Baghdad was a an act of nature (remember the shouts of “quagmire” over a sandstorm?). Saddam’s army never showed because it was killed by US airpower before it ever reached the front. Yes, the infiltration by assorted “martyrs” proved a menace, but nothing that couldn’t be dealt with once the right tactics were adopted under the right leadership. Three-thousand good men and women gave their lives, but the allies lost nearly that many at Normandy by D+10. More amazing, perhaps, is how quickly Kim Jong Il threw in the towel once his bank accounts were frozen. Seems the only thing more important to the great leader than his nuclear program was a steady supply of pornography, good booze and expensive hookers. Might be the first time in history that the Treasury Department put one in the win column before the commencement of hostilities. Brings us to the last player left on the table, and he holds a mighty poor hand. What to make of a garrison state armed against its own citizenry? Iran is about to implode; all it needs is a nudge. Sure, take out its nuclear program, but don’t pull any punches. A few cruise missiles into the HQ of the Revolutionary Guards should cook this turkey once and for all. Wanna bet against me that the mullahs don’t have well-stocked foreign accounts and planes waiting on the tarmac? And I’ll give equal odds that “he who speaks down wells” gets the Mussolini treatment before he gets out. Let the stones fly, I say. Of course, nobody wants to point the finger of blame where it needs to be for this whole sorry episode. But I will. Our good “friends” in Saudi Arabia were behind it from the git-go, and still are. Petro-dollars are still buying mosques and madrassas where ignorant and impressionable young men are lured to martyrdom with promises of . . . SEX. Kinda primal. Kinda basic. And real backward. A whole bloody, stupid conflict because Arab men can’t get laid. Okay, so there, I said it. Except for Osama and his many wives. Yeah, he gets it (or did). What’s his problem?Lack of status. And therein lies Europe’s problem. Socialism can give a man his daily bread, but it can’t give a young man status. Idle males are a dangerous breed. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a wildebeast, a marmoset, or a human, young males will fight for status. It’s what mammals do. Next battleground: Europe. Watch as the ghettoes explode with angry Muslim youth. Witness socialism in full appeasement mode. Anticipate a right-wing backlash by Europeans sickened by the chaos. Nothing new here. Old patterns, new day. Welcome to the future.

  2. I actually wrote a similar post on or about the same time. We won. Nobody is ready to declare it yet. AQ is not only on the ropes in Iraq but lying on the mat still trying to take a swing or two at the triple vision of the US Military and fed up Iraqis dancing before its eyes. It’s reduced to tiny ops against big figures. Still a problem, but soon to be reconciled to its life in the here after.Ol’ bin Shatan said that they loved death more than we loved life.Well, what a man asks for, he gets it. And, they got it. At least 12k dead and who knows how many thousands wounded (I think that is a wildly underestimated number, but hey, who’s counting?)Basil, though, I disagree on one subject. Pakistan is next and we will be fighting an undercover battle there for sometime unless the jihadis get too far ahead and seriously go for the nukes.I think musharef will be willing to make a deal with the devil to keep it from happening.Akbar Shatan at your service.Iran will collapse from the sanctions or do something stupid which will lead to the imminent demise of the mullahs one way or the other. I don’t look for a straight out shooting war from our side, but I do think we are arming the crud out of some “resistance” over there.Iran can’t admit it or they will have to tell their own people that resistance is not futile because there are people out there doing it.The Iranian army will then do the Russian Jig all over Tehran. That is my expectations.

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