Burqua This !

As a present day modern aerial gunner, Airman 1st Class Vanessa Dobos has little in common with gunners from World War I. Though Dobos does fire a massive machine gun from the deck of a … well … helicopter, perhaps her greatest distinction is the fact she’s a woman — the Air Force’s first female aerial gunner.

5 thoughts on “Burqua This !

  1. Sorry, but this Airman is a gunner on an AC-130 gunship, not a helo. Still someone you want to be on the good side of, though.

  2. I grew up around service people my whole life 1959- 1976, my first 17 years on Marine Corps Camps and bases and then installing security systems on them from 1980-1995…
    I believe our woman should be allowed to fight Raven, they do in every other Nation and Country and do it well.
    When your under fire, your looking out for each other any way so I refuse to listen to the arguments against them fighting on the front lines and distracting the men, that’s why they are trained so well and extensively for. The Israeli and Indian female Warriors are brutal and I would stand beside them any day and why the hell not.
    I’m too curious, to what she is up to these days Raven, might be something to look into…
    Thanks for bringing this to my attention….

    • Your welcome. I’m not posting at this site now, haven’t for a year, but I couldn’t resist showing you that.

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