Comments for Aug 12-18 ’07.

This post is for general Operation YouTube Smackdown comments, questions, or suggestions. Please be civil, and try to make any criticisms the constructive kind. Spam, abuse, and other pointless posts will be deleted at our discretion. See, also.

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10 thoughts on “Comments for Aug 12-18 ’07.

  1. Anyone stopping by who followed a link to our Open Letter to YouTube, thanks! If you have any questions you didn’t find answers to on any of our posts, feel free to ask them here.

  2. Yeah billh – that’s a down video! Yehaw! Thankin ya for your help there sir!Rickbert – need you to check for me at admin.Anyone besides me having problems posting on e-m sections of this site?

  3. Andrea, not clear what you mean by e-m sections, please email me with what you’re trying to do and we’ll get you fixed up.And yes, Brian, YouTube is very sensitive to the needs of people upload videos. If they don’t like the kinds of comments their videos receive, they can prevent any comments or just block comments from specific individuals.Which leads to the even more interesting result that jihadi videos celebrating the death of Coalition Soldiers are left up by YouTube at the same time YouTube allows them to stiffle even debate on the subject.Oh what a tangled web.

  4. Some / all of the videos posted for 8/17 have this in the description Warning Graphic Material. We might speculate that putting that tag in would render it proof against reports of graphic material.The staffer would reason that ‘you have been warned’.

  5. Brian, That has been a point of some debate. I think that the warning screen is a prelude to the video being pulled, as opposed to notification that it has been reviewed and allowed to stand. I have seen several videos removed after displaying that warning for awhile. I believe that the “review” system has to be largely automated. What counts most is simply the number of times a video is flagged(probably by seperate users). Someone suggested try flagging them as sexually explicit and see if the system registers that or recognizes it as a red herring. I recommend keep flagging them.Best regards, and thanks.Svin(Muninn)

  6. Give a guy a chance to help..most of the dirty dozen are already pulled…had to dig into the simlars to find some more to pound on! Keep the Faith!

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