Comments for July 22-28 ’07

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42 thoughts on “Comments for July 22-28 ’07

  1. Rickbert, Site looks good!!!I’ll be playing with fonts and colors awhile. Let me know if you have any ideas. Everything seems to work ok.Svin

  2. Basil says: Okay, good job group. We have lift-off. I was busy earlier this morning on our current hit list. I’ve discovered two things:1. Judging from my email responses, jihadists don’t like being called cowards, un-manly, or un-Islamic. They seem real thin-skinned about it. I’ve discovered a weak spot. Shame them!2. Moonbats can’t be reasoned with, but they’re real sensitive to comments like “Why not take a course in remedial English at the local community college.” OR: “Profanity is no substitute for reasoned thinking and logical argument.” Hit it!

  3. I swear, this morning when Rickbert said – “Roger, Houston, we have lift-off.” It FELT like it!!!1. Would like to see –DateIED Hate SpeechStrong Stomach req’dPossibly all in same “color” as The Smackdown’s Daily Dozen.Think they are maybe not as obvious as they could be.2. In “someone’s” spare time……….(laugh guys)……….it might be interesting to take IED Hate Speech and Strong Stomach req’d and post a little instructional note via clickable link – behind them such as – IED Hate Speech – A bunch of JERKS who seem to get off rolling the same shots into one video about a dozen timesStrong Stomach req’d – maybe something more serious because it is………..seriously bad stuff.

  4. <>Would like to see …<> – AndreaWell, good news and bad news on that front. I’ve been switching the sidebar page elements to Text elements instead of the Linked Lists.The good news is this gives us more options when it comes to formatting. The bad news is that I have to go and learn more about embedding specific formatting tags to override the default ‘style sheet.’It should be possible to do most or all of the things you sugguest, tho. Anyone who wants to offer input on how to give anything else a more user-friendly look and feel, we’d appreciate it.Well, the new layout is launched and we seem to have a stable orbit; one of these days, Alice, to the moon!(And for any QTR site admins, once I get going on some of these things, I may try them out over at our QTR Admin pages first, so you may want to periodically check over there.)

  5. Heh, long story short, me and sleep have a… complicated relationship. Sometimes too much, sometimes not enough, sometimes it’s hard to tell which is which.But when I’m awake, sometimes at odd hours, and have the energy, yup, I’ve worked on the Smackdown, so there’s no telling what kind of timestamps you’ll see on my posts.When life gives you lemons, make Mountain Dew.

  6. I’m having conflicting software problems. Until I get them straight, I’ll post where I can.“Iraqi Children-Human Cost of War” has been terminated. I need also to catch up on your emails so that I get the protocols down. Have patience.~Basil

  7. Woo hoo! I’ve just updated the Successful Smackdowns. And not just “Strong Stomach req’d” one some of you have noticed.You see, I got a little behind over the weekend, and just now went back and checked a few previous days’ Dozens, and “ISI top 10 compilation” by KhateebJihad has also been taken down.What makes me especially happy is the fact that since we started dividing the videos into categories, this is the first “IED Hate Speech” one they’ve taken down. No mangled corpses, no snuff flick content. Just a compliation of IED explosions.At least someone at YouTube is still willing to see that as hate speech, like they < HREF="" REL="nofollow">once did<>. Now all we gotta do is get them to come around on the other 95%.

  8. I came across a video by Repeat Offender SporkofBaghdad, no, wait, SwordofBaghdad. In the text description he includes, “To youtube: I edited out the dead bodys and ‘hate speech’ So let this one up.”It’ll be the first one under IED hate speech for July 24’s Daily Dozen. I have no idea what the original looked like and no, it doesn’t need to go under ‘Strong Stomach’. Just get a load of what this guy considers ‘cleaned-up’.

  9. This summer I rode my bicycle from coast to coast across America. Literally, dozens of times I had people who helped me or fed me or gave me shelter. These people didn’t know me and never once did any of them ask for something in return. I often thought that when I returned home I would find a way to help others in a like manner. Now you have my perfect solution! I can do this in my free time in the comfort of my home and … what a noble cause! If I can spend a total of an hour per week and hopfully recruit just one more person per week or even per month think of the difference it will make. You have done a marvelous job on your site. Simplicity will be the name of the game for those of us who get confused easily! Thank you for all your hours, days, weeks, and months that have gone into this. I hope my little part will make a huge difference.

  10. Rickbert,We are forcing “The Sword” (aka butterknife) to reform. Take a victory where you can get it, be it ever so small.SF, welcome aboard. If “SF” stands for Santa Fe (stranger things have happened) we are neighbors, but most likely not. Nevertheless, you find yourself in good company. Your contribution is appreciated. We are knocking out enemy videos one at a time. It seems small, but the Luftwaffe went down over Britain one bomber at a time till the battle was won.In a virtual world you can have your own Spitfire. Seems right to me. It’s more real than a video game. We’re doing real damage to a real enemy. Have at it. It’s 1939 and a newly fledged airforce is learning the ropes. But we will do them. We need fighters for the long haul. We kill them daily. In time a strategic vision will wipe them out completely. We test now to plan for the future. Welcome to the fight.

  11. Basil says:YouTube is now flagging my comments. I’m getting a window that says I will be posted after review. Any idea what this means? Could it be the number of comments, or do you think someone is complaining? Let’s see if YouTube stands behind free speech.

  12. Basil, That is interesting. Are you being flagged on all sites or just specific ones?Sf, Welcome to the fight. Might I inquire how you heard about our site? As you know, this will only work if we keep spreading the word. I,m always interested in the best ways to do that.Best regards to all,Svin

  13. Svin, Stephens is my brother in Oklahoma.Another of my six siblings, Madlyn, made a suggestion I AM going to follow-thru with………..”You might tell others that if they are not in a position to do smackdown, but still want to help, that they might ‘consider’ to carry cards (like a business card) with the website on it. Someone would have to be able to put into a nutshell, what smackdown is, so when people got the cards, they would be interested enough to go look it up. That’s why I wish the NEWBIE link were more visible at the top, but that is simply my preference.”

  14. Basil says:Svin, I got the review notice the last two times I posted. However, both did post within the hour. Now I have a special request. I want Mowen11 taken off our hit list temporarily. I intend to humiliate him right out of business, but I’ll need the help of fifty or so very precocious 14 and 15 year olds. Starting in the fall semester I’ll be doing current events every Friday. The current war will obviously be part of it. Once my kids understand the history, I want to use Mowen’s work to teach them media literacy. His videos are full of so many distortions, comments and images out of context that I’m sure my kids will have a blast picking them apart. Now, can you just imagine a lesson plan that requires fifty kids to post simultaneously their comments including a handle and AGE CLEARLY STATED. He’ll be humiliated. I’m going to use QTR in the classroom right along with some of Bill Whittle’s essays! Sock it to ’em!~Basil

  15. Basil, I’ll stop adding new Mowen11 vids to the Daily Dozens for now. There are utilities out there that let you save YouTube videos and watch them offline (google ‘save youtube video’). You could collect his trash, then we could go back to dumping it, so to speak.And that reminds me, last night I was reading an email from Andrea and saw the words ‘how to smackdown videos’. She meant how to go about it, but my eye read it as a suggestion to <>make<> a YouTube video How To Guide for the smackdown.Of course, since I knew precious little about YouTube before I joined the Smackdown, I need to learn how to make/upload videos. Unless someone already knows? 🙂Btw, Basil, I get the ‘posted after reviewed’ thing now and again, and have been assuming it’s a setting the uploader can control. We’ve seen they can block comments, this just sounds like ‘moderating’ them.

  16. Any of you who have been going thru the Daily Dozen ‘Strong Stomach’ videos may recall seeing the famous Michael Yon photograph of a < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Soldier & Child<> among what I call the corpse-compilation videos.Earlier I sent an email to Micheal Yon’s website asking if they would like us to forward those YouTube links, since only the copyright holders can demand YouTube remove videos on that basis.I’m pleased to say Yon’s lawyer replied and asked us to do just that. I’m sure they keep busy enough < HREF="" REL="nofollow">over there<> without searching thru bazillions of YouTube videos looking for infringements. But we’re just stumbling across them in the course of our Smackdown efforts.Please email any jihadi videos you find with Michael Yon images to < HREF="" REL="nofollow">our QTR admins<>. I will collect them and periodically send them in to Michael Yon’s website. Thanks.

  17. <>Commieknocker3000 – another reason to fry this guy………in his piece he has used Michael Yon’s photograph titled Strength and Compassion.<> – Andrea, via emailI don’t see any video by CK3K with that title, but the one he currently < HREF="" REL="nofollow">has up<> does have the Soldier & Child pic at about a minute 54 seconds in. (When sending these in, would be a help to include where it shows up, e.g @1:54.)So he gets first entry (dis)honors in the ‘Yon Forwarding’ file, anyway.

  18. Another email Hat Tip to Andrea for asking how easy the Smackdown is to find online. I Googled ‘Operation YouTube Smackdown’ and as of right now:< HREF="" REL="nofollow">YouTube – Operation Smackdown<>< HREF="" REL="nofollow">YouTube – US Marines in combat during Operation Smack Down<>As for what comes next, go have a < HREF="" REL="nofollow">looksee<> (can search ‘YouTube Smackdown’ as well).

  19. Basil says:I put in a request at Michael Yon’s website this morning for a page of his work to help us identify copyright issues. If he responds, we’ll have another tool in the arsenal

  20. <>to help us identify copyright issues<> – BasilI went over to the Michael Yon website and browsed through their ‘gallery’ of photos. I recognized several of them, besides the famous Soldier & Child. Possible I’ve just seen them in the news and not on YouTube, though. But the Solder & Child does seem to be the main one. Because it’s so famous and because there’s blood on the child’s blanket and that’s close enough for these guys and their corpse-compilations.I still have a few days’ worth of archives to review, but we’ve got three links to flagged videos still on YouTube that include Michael Yon photos. I’m thinking if we keep finding them, I could send in what we have at the end of each week. That way Yon’s lawyer will see them when he comes in on Monday.

  21. The link from our orgiginal page that says “visit our operations center” brings up only one page of QTR. This is a problem because the direct link from the google search engine brings the viewer to the old page.Also, only one takedown today. I find that odd given the really egregious nature of the graphic stuff. 10 Marines by Crashview is our only score today.Might be a better idea just to have some sort of running total graphic rather than takedowns listed as we record our victories. Just an idea.~Basil

  22. Basil, excellent idea, I’ve added ‘Total Confirmed Kills: xx’ to the Successful Smackdowns, which will now show just the ‘most recent.’ I’ve started an archive file for the old ones so we keep a record of what, and especially who, we’ve ever Smacked Down.I’ve also updated the Original Smackdown page to the QTR home page. Now that the new Smackdown page is ‘always on top’ that’ll work fine, and if it helps for search engines, even better. Thanks.

  23. Quick Note: I’ve just come across an anti-war video that didn’t really cross the line on hate speech or graphic violence. However, it had a Michael Yon photograph.I didn’t flag it and won’t be putting it up on Daily Dozen, but if any of you come across something similar, please send it in, and note it as ‘copyright only’, or some such.I will forward them along to Michael Yon’s attorney and they can decide where to draw the line on their own copyright. Thanks.

  24. “Iraq . . . see it” just went down. Crashview is crashing.Is this the kid who under comments you were calling Tommy???Guess it doesn’t matter – that’s two today!!!!!! We’ll take it!

  25. I want to nominate “roach 2001” for special consideration. He’s particularly obnoxious. I’m getting email from him thru the YouTube client server. He needs to be K.O.’d permanently. He has one particularly bad video called “2 dead American soldiers in Iraq” that absolutely must go down.~Basil

  26. We aim to please: roach 2001 will appear in tomorrow’s DD under ‘Strong Stomach’.Also, I’ve added a pic to the ‘When YouTube Gets It Right’ link. Note you can click on it and it will take you to that video post, just like clicking the text link. You’ll note doing it this way allows me to select any frame, not just the one YouTube automatically picks. That lets me pick a particularly nice shot from anywhere in the video. What do y’all think?

  27. I think it’s tremendous Rickbert. Had no idea you could clip a photo from a video. Also the video itself is kept on this site, looks much nicer. This particular “get’s it right” piece is so powerful.This is very good.

  28. Hello, Everyone! My apologies for being away for a while… Actual work duties and time difference and all… I hope to be more active again in the next week or so, but dropped by to check out the site, and, GREAT J.O.B. !!!!Keep up the inspiring and POSITIVE work!All my best,Paul A.

  29. I am thankful for your daily dozen videos which you post. I simply cannot watch the “strong stomach required” videos. I pause them and label them as hate speech. I am putting a lot of trust in you that you choose appropriate videos for this. This site is long overdue and it is sad these videos ever make it on YouTube in the first place. Your video today about Ayaan Hirsi Ali should be a wake up call for people around the world. Keep up the great work.sf

  30. <>I am putting a lot of trust in you that you choose appropriate videos for this<> – sfI appreciate the thought, but I am not counting on anyone’s trust; though I hope to earn it over time. We don’t know much about what automated, internal mechanisms YouTube uses to deal with flagged videos. Our goal isn’t to game the system, but shed light on what’s out there. As such:Before I post the Daily Dozen, I watch every video. I just want to be able to say I did, whether someone sent the link in, or I found it myself. I also watch them to keep the ‘strong stomach’ stuff separate from the less graphic material.As for anyone coming to check the Daily Dozen, we’re not asking that you just load and flag them. Load them, watch them until you see something that violates YouTube’s own guidelines (in their < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Help Center<> or our < HREF="" REL="nofollow">How YouTube Operates<>). Then flag them, typically under hate speech or graphic violence. If YouTube staffers are going to leave this stuff online, I want them to be faced with that decision every day. Especially given their track record for deleting politically incorrect videos that fell far short of the hate and gore in the stuff we flag.

  31. <>work duties and time difference and all<> – Paul A.Welcome back. We’ve recently started a site tracker, and I recall from Ejectia you’re overseas. We do get state/country of origin data. I’ve seen one hit from Australia from a couple days ago, maybe you hook up thru a cell phone or something that runs thru there? If that wasn’t you, we’ll probably get your visit showing up in the next day or so. Ahh, the internet, toy for geeks. 😉

  32. Ok, I might have just stumbled onto the tracks of somebody here, and I know how to find out. I was trying to load a video that came up from some search terms I’d entered. The video came up as having been removed and the account suspended.This kind of thing only happens if the video has recently been taken down but still resides in the search engine database, usually for some hours until it’s cleared out.From the search results I’ve copied the basic information, and will compare it to anything ya’ll send in the next day or so. If it shows up, I’ll put it straight into Successful Smackdowns. If it wasn’t any of us, then at least it’s good to know we’re not the only ones out there flagging this stuff.

  33. I’ll be closing out this weeks comment thread later tonight, but I wanted to give a quick report. This is three weeks since the start of Operation YouTube Smackdown. The first week or so we weren’t keeping close records on our flagging efforst, so the totals here may be a bit higher, but I want to stick to what we’ve confirmed:20 Successful Smackdowns3 Accounts closed(2 suspended by YouTube, 1 apparently closed by the user when thier video got deleted, no idea if they started a new account or what, but the old one’s gone)For the closed accounts, in at least two of the cases there were other videos we hadn’t gotten around to flagging that are now also gone. Just one more bit of data to track in the future, perhaps.We have site tracking up and running, and we are getting visitors (hello!), some of which are coming from search engines, some from mentions at other websites.Thanks go out to everyone involved. We know you don’t all have a lot of free time. The Daily Dozen is there to make it easier and quicker to help out. Anything else we can do to make it easier for you, let us know, and thanks again.

  34. Rickbert – in closing out last weeks comments this eveing, I think your last post – synopsis should lead for next week. Data folk will be interested in I believe.

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