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Jihad has come to the Internet. Dark Age savages are using the power of the Internet to spread their message of hatred and destruction. You might think that our intelligence community would do something about it. Oddly, where our government has failed, an enterprising American blogger has succeeded in hacking a Taliban website. What’s more, the Taliban are aware of his activities and there’s an ongoing fight in cyberspace between a private U.S. citizen and a terrorist organization. See this report at Pajamas Media : The Taliban vs.the Jawa Report .

PJM Sydney
July 6, 2007 7:00 PM
“No joke, the Taliban have posted a message on a well-known Islamic forum addressing me, Rusty Shackleford, indirectly. In it, they gloat that their website is back online.” And then the Taliban challenge the Jawa Report to shut them down again.

Well done, Rusty! We’re betting on another takedown soon assuming you haven’t already pulled it off. We understand that the federal government is aware of your efforts and has endorsed your one-man crusade.

A private citizen sitting in front of his PC over morning coffee hacks into the enemy’s communication system and takes it out from fifteen-thousand miles away. Awesome! We live in an age where an ordinary citizen with a little initiative can knock out an enemy installation with a click of his mouse. Now here’s where it gets interesting because we’re declaring our own campaign against terrorism. And you, dear reader, are invited to take a shot at the jihadists from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Jihadist videos have found a home at YouTube. Our enemies are using this site to spread propaganda and recruit new terrorists. We’re going to shut them down. To play along you need to do the following:

1. Log into YouTube and run a search. Any of the following key words will land you in the right spot: IED, Jihad, Death to Israel, Islamic Republic of Iraq, etc. You won’t have any trouble finding them; they are legion.
2. Open the jihadist video, then click the icon that says “Flag as inappropriate.” Use the drop down menu and click on “hate speech.”
3. This last step is going to take a great deal of self-control. You’re going to see a lot of comments cheering on the terrorists as they blow up American and allied soldiers. Don’t answer these comments directly. We want your comment directed at YouTube management. Something like: “This video aids and abets our enemies in time of war and should be deleted” will be sufficient.

Individually your participation might seem insignificant. But thousands of us united will crush this venue as an outlet for enemy propaganda. Our mission is to shut down the Jihadis on YouTube. Strike a blow for freedom. Copy this link and send a copy to everyone you know. Then go to YouTube and start your own personal crusade against terrorism. Be creative, have fun, and don’t feel the need to pull any punches.

To Strike your own personal blow against the terrorists, please copy one, or all, of the titles from the Daily Dozen list on the right sidebar. Then go to YOU TUBE and let them know what they can do with it!!!
Thanks everyone

This message is a co-operative project of free citizens of Ejectia.

169 thoughts on “YOU TUBE SMACKDOWN!

  1. I put in a session of flagging. It’s not easy listening to the songs of rejoicing in Our Troops deaths. But I’ll put in another session tomorrow and from now on.

  2. I flagged a couple of dozen and left comments, but we need at least a few hundred volunteers to be effective.~Basil

  3. Alexa Kim, I have seen some of your posts at other websites. Many Thanks to you for all that you do to support our troops. I am honored to have made your acquaintance. Thanks also for your support in this particular endeavor.God Bless America!Best, best, Regards,Svin.

  4. Rickbert, Thanks a bunch. Hey! Didn’t you design a t-shirt for Rachel Lucas a couple of weeks ago? She has a new post up about Cindy Sheehan, so she may be into political blogging again. Maybe you could use your good credit with her to help disseminate our little link.That could help immensely.Thanks,Svin/Muninn

  5. Muscledaddy, Great to have you on board. Thanks much for your time. I spent about 8 hours today just sending out links. never did get to look at video.See ya on the other side!Svin

  6. Sorry I have to post this way, but my software is having recognition problems. Anyway, it occurs to me that our approach is scatter shot. If we can establish an email list of volunteers, we might be able to concentrate our attack. We select twelve of the most egregious videos and then have everybody flag the same dozen.~Basil aka MWP

  7. Basil, Agreed. Keep track of videos. Copy Url and post it here. I can compile a daily hit list.Good Idea.Svinrod/muninnP.S. Still have 2 posts hung up at ejectia waiting on release. Interesting stuff about the cyber-attack on API.

  8. Svin,Just got done doing my dirty dozen. I’m just a little bit sick at the moment, not real clear-eyed, because I don’t really want to remember what I just saw. I’ve found some really bad stuff, and I’d rather not do the recall. It’s worse than I thought. Our endeavor is a worthy fight, but we need a battalion of volunteers.~Basil

  9. BTW, I scored a minor victory today. I called the local talk radio station about Iraq, but found myself cut off for hourly news and commercial breaks. Got lucky when the phone-tech cut off my comments without disconecting my call. I had about seven minutes to seethe. When I got back live, I gave it to the host with both barrels. The calls went from moonbat rants to veteran’s outrage following my comments. Small victory. But from where I sit, I’ll take ’em where I can get’m.~Basil aka MWP

  10. I’m in………..only an hour for tonight but hopefully damage is done.In the meantime…………a daily hit list would mean a lot more accomplished if we don’t have to go searching.Andrea from Ejectia

  11. Andrea from Ejectia, Thanks for dropping in and leaving a message, and <>THANKS,THANKS,THANKS<> for helping to <>SMACKDOWN<> these critters. I have added a new page element in the right hand column of the smackdown page. If you find a video that needs to be dealt with, put its title here in comments, or post it to Ejectia. I will try to compile them on a daily basis and post them here and at E!3. Did I say Thanks?Svin

  12. Pondering tactics (and the fact that racist rants from white guys that I flag get removed the next day but hate speech and gruesome violence by jihadis remains). I’ve sent an email to asking for information about how they handle flagged videos in languages other than English (using neo-nazi videos in German and jihadi videos in Arabic or other languages). If I get an answer, I’ll pass it along. I limited myself to one question, hoping it would be more likely to get a response.The next question I’d like to see answered: Once a video has been flagged, evaluated, and retained, what happens when it is flagged in the future? If YouTube manually approves a video once, will they never have to review it again, or will repeated flaggings bring it to their attention multiple times? What if they review it once, then give it a permanent tag of some kind, marking it as having been reviewed and approved? Will having a dozen, a hundred, or a thousand people flagging the same video days weeks and months later ever bring it to their attention again? The best way to send a message to YouTube about tolerating jihadi videos will depend a great deal on the inner workings of YouTube’s review process.

  13. Rickbert – Michelle Malkin has been fighting the UTube thing for months. She might have valuable insights. Andrea

  14. Rickbert, Good questions. I propose a two pronged strategy. I will pose your second question at UTUBE and we can compare answers. In the meantime, lets get a list together and see if it has any effect. If it were my system, I would monitor constantly and compare # of views/# of complaints on a regular basis. I have a friend who works for National Transportation Safety Authority. I worked with him on a couple of Volvo recalls. He told me that it only took two complaints from consumers to trigger an investigation. U TUBE aint the govornment, but there must be some standard formula.Svin

  15. Okay, I have two that need targeting. I’ve been addressed personally by Jihadists after leaving comments. (Note: I’m typing the titles complete with typos) Also, leave a comment of your own. These guys appear to be sensative to opinion.Mujahideen engage Kuffar in Iraq and destroy there powerJihad IED on transport truck

  16. Am also working on an email to Malkin, requesting any information she has on how YouTube policy works. Another question that has occurred to me: If YouTube staff has the ability to filter out individuals who report the kinds of videos they allow. Whether it’s someone objecting to swimsuits as sexually explicit or jihadis calling for the death of anyone, well, posting videos of swimsuits, can they fix it so their internal process ignores that account’s flags?Obviously, some of these questions are the sort YouTube probably prefers not to answer. It’s one thing to post videos for ‘free and open debate’; it’s another to tell people you’re ignoring them….

  17. Good day, All!!! I’m in on this SMACKDOWN, believing it to be the very LEAST I can do to fight these barbarians. Although filtered at work, and “looking in from China,” which may also limit participation, this will get at least SOME time each day. “Let’s Roll!” Paul A.

  18. Welcome aboard, Paul. We appreciate the help.Okay, some good news: The most egregious videos are being deleted. I guess we need a way to track our progress.Also, A few more for the dirty dozen (carefully typed incl. typs): death for israelIslamic state in iraq IED attack on american strykerIslamic Army in Iraq attacksDeath for Israel (not a duplicate).Islamic State of Iraq (al Furquan)IED vs Humvee by ISI~Basil

  19. In addition to individual videos, we may also want to track contributors. One of the first big contributors I came across was Shihabden. Not a one of his videos has come down yet, and he’s actually added one since I started.Not all of his videos contain ‘graphic violence’ or any clear signs of ‘hate speech’, since I don’t know Arabic. I haven’t attempted to flag them all. Instead I’m trying to focus on the easiest calls, where the intent of the message seems most clear (his hagiography to Zarqawi remains up).Of course, you can look at his profile and follow it to his blogspot site (hmm, does blogspot have any ‘community standards’?) and there’s little doubt where he stands.

  20. Rickbert, IIRC, Blogspot has the usual boilerplate clauses against the usual PC offenses. I dont see that complaining to them would cause any trouble.To everybody else joining in here<>God bless you all!<> Whether this little expirement works at all, and I’m beginning to believe it just might, I finally feel like I’m doing something to join in the fight.Thanks everyone, and keep those video titles coming in.Regards~Svin

  21. Hey Muninn,This one for the dirty dozen is particularly bad. The graphic violence is well over the top of anybody’s policy. Let’s put it up and pay particular attention to it to see what it takes to get YouTube to move.Jaish al Fatiheen. IED Attack~Basil

  22. “Mujahideen IED a M1A2 Abrams in Iraq” is hereby nominated by me for the Dirty Dozen! Author is “SwordOfBaghdad” and he appears to have several “aid and abet our enemy” candidates! Thanks for organizing again, Svin!

  23. Hey Svin!We all love success!I just thought of one more thing you might do to the “loser” list in your spare (ha) time!Already several have noted videos that have been removed – YEHAW! Out beside the ones that get taken down you might put (in bold?) – “Removed” or “Smacked down” or something to that effect!Makes me feel good each time I read of one gone, gone, gone!!!!Andrea

  24. Andrea, Another excellent idea!If anyone knows of a success story, please send it in. I can assure everyone that it will be given a place of(ahem)Honor.Paul A. It shall be done!Svin

  25. Basil said:There’s a place to offer feedback at the bottom of YouTube’s main page. It’s a satisfactory survey. I punched in “extremely unsatisfied” and then asked a question in the space provided about terrorist videos.Waiting on a response. BTW, I’m starting to see your comments on the dirty dozen. Keep it up, group!

  26. POSSIBLE victory, small as it may be.My search in YouTube for “Mujahideen engage Kuffar in Iraq and destroy there power” yields NO RESULT!I have not checked for all other items, but small victories, (if this is one and I’m searching correctly), add up.Roll On!

  27. This on Todays Loser listMujahideen IED a M1A2 Abrams in Iraq (new) That “loser” had two more video’s posted so these also can be added to list and pulled up by exact copy/paste.All are by “SwordOfBaghdad”Jaish al Mujahideen IED a M1A2 Abrams in Iraq Mujahideen destroy an Abrans in Fallujah Two additional to add to loser list and their “authors”ISI destructive IED vs rg31in Falluja – KhateebJihad Al Rashedeen Army IED attack on US Humvee late October – AntiUsaTerror I didn’t note Paul A’s “Mujahideen engage Kuffar in Iraq and destroy there power (no results)and so I went to tag it – same thing – “no video found”It needs to be tagged (DEAD or GONE or SmackED Down!) so we don’t waste our time and so we can see successes.I’m thinking about focusing on the KhateebJihad character till I have all his video’s tagged as hate speech.Possibly a directed group effort would wake up Youtube?Thoughts?Andrea

  28. Basil said:I thought there was a way to add these videos to a favorites list(?) If so, we can use such to track them. I think “Kuffar” went down.

  29. SwordofBaghdad and others have begun to reply, both to comments and on my profile. “Stop posting on my videos, they do not aid terrorists. Even CNN shows them.”Erm, if he has the freedom to post the videos, why don’t we have the freedom to object? And if CNN shows the same footage and ever puts it to music and overlays of Allahu Akbar! I’ll say CNN is committing hate speech, too.

  30. Excellent work everyone!I have made a few changes to the QTR page. It has all your new additions along with 2 new groups. There is a place for successes(successful Smackdowns)and a place for repeat offenders(authors)titled “Carpet Bombing”.It sounds like we are beginning to make ourselves heard.OOORRRAAAHHH !!!Svin

  31. Shihabden’s Al-Zarqawi < HREF="" REL="nofollow">hagiography<> is still up, so maybe you could add him to the repeat offender list.I’m also spending a little time each day flagging non-jihadi hate speech, to build a baseline of comparison on YouTube’s application of it’s content policies. I’ll try and get better numbers to confirm whether my initial impression was correct: that jihadi hate speech is tolerated more than, say, neo-nazi hate speech or other ‘terms of use’ violations.

  32. Rickbert, Shihabden is added-Thanks.I have been leaving comments as well, but I dont think YOUTUBE is posting them. Hmmm….Can’t imagine why!Svin

  33. OK, This is way better than watching Mystery Science Theatre 3000(MST3K). Any computer whiz know how we can copy the videos, put subtitles in and re-post them? I just left a description on one of Shaheeda87’s videos that went something like this(Warning, way politically incorrect, do not read this next part for any reason whatsoever, seriously, I’m warnin Ya)<>“Alrighty then! GAYEST video ever. Here is the voice-over for those that speak an actual language.Scene 1. Cruising for burgers and HOT looking goats at the downtown Baquba Piggly Wiggly.Scene 2. Oh, man, these Iraqui goats are even too smelly for me, and my secret Terrorist name is “STAAHNKYYY-PHEW”.Scene3. OK lets run away over this hill. No wait, lets walk.Scene 4. OH SHIT! The awesome U.S. AIR FORCE is bombing the crap out of us!!!Scene 5. Cant anybody put this NAPALM out? My camel is on Fire(again).Scene 6. Lets hold hands and sing some more Totally Gay songs.Woof, Woof, Woof,The Dogcatcher.”<> This is FUN!!!!But then, I don’t get out much.Seeya~Svin

  34. ehRickbert I saw a response to your comment left on at least one also.Loved it – the poor baby!I see three, maybe it’s four of you who are in addition to tagging them as hate male (which is all I am doing thus far) leaving messages.Question – I am concerned about doing this………….is there any way any of the jerks can trace us other than respond to a comment made? Can’t afford to have my computer fried………will rely on your responses and if you say go for it I will do same.Consider putting in the poster’s name along side the targeted video. If you look for example at Death for Israel……we have two posted but searching with those three words pulls up MANY with those words and variations. I was able to ID one of them because of you guys posting comments……other……couldn’t.“SUCCESSFUL SMACKDOWNS or “YOU’RE TERMINATED F*****”OH MY GOSH! Love it!!!!!“CARPET BOMBING~REPEAT OFFENDERS”YEAH! Good!I know some of you are spending time trying to get links to this project on other sites.Yesterday Rush L. mentioned Hate Videos several times.Once this is organized as we like it, one of us needs to send info to him.I am a member of Rush 24 and happy to do it – but just one of a kazillion e-m’s he might get………if anyone has more “in” to him would make a difference.Lastly, yes, we need hundreds of participants and comment was made yesterday/day before on EEE something to the effect that we need to see results pretty soon. Patience.I, as an example don’t know huge #’s to bring on board. Mostly family. And while a couple have shown interest in participating they will not go thru what we are……search, record, post back here, etc. They do not want to “view” content but will trust these need to go if I say so. We have to have it made as simple as possible for them to just go and do. Would be great if Today’s Losers as an example were links and they just plug and play. Any chance of that?It makes me very proud to see your names displayed on these jerks videos……we can make a difference.Andrea

  35. I’m not sure how much we should be making fun of or belittling these guys at this point. If YouTube decides we’re not serious, and have the means to filter our flags out so they don’t even get to a live person, our efforts will be in vain. Until we know more about how YouTube works, the more I suggest we take a straightforward, sober approach.Not that I’m opposed to ridicule as a valid response to hate. I’m usually an advocate for ‘strong’ free speech, also. But we’re working on YouTube’s policies and practices here, and the more they take us seriously, the better.As for security issues, YouTube should protect your privacy, but check your account profile, make sure any personal identification didn’t get put on there from when you signed up for the account. I’d also suggest being careful following any links in some of these user profiles, YouTube doesn’t control those sites.Lastly, today I noticed that when placing a comment I’d see the ‘your comment will be posted once it’s reviewed’ or some such. I don’t remember that from the first few days, and I’m not sure if it’s because the video I’m flagging has been tagged somehow, or if my account has been. Again, YouTube must have some means of filtering what they consider excessive or unwarranted flagging.We want to stay on the right side of that line, and we need to find out where that line is. The goal for me is to get them to see the videos that are there, and realize the hypocrisy of deleting conservative bloggers, exposed breasts, or neo-nazies while allowing jihadi hate videos to remain.

  36. OK, sobriety of Rickbert’s response aside for just THIS moment – Svin – ya cracked me up!Rickbert – ” today I noticed that when placing a comment I’d see the ‘your comment will be posted once it’s reviewed’ or some such. I don’t remember that from the first few days, and I’m not sure if it’s because the video I’m flagging has been tagged somehow, or if my account has been. Again, YouTube must have some means of filtering what they consider excessive or unwarranted flagging” – This is critical we get this one figured out…..will watch what I do to see if I see any flagging of me.Will check my account profile – thank you.Andrea

  37. Andrea, You are a treat. Thanks and keep up the good work.Rickbert,Ok, I’ll serious up for awhile until we figure out whats going on. These guys are just so incredibly stupid that I cant stop laughing. OMG-did you see the one where the guy forgot to turn the Audio on and just sat there for 5 minutes without saying anything. I mean, thats stupid, but then the little wanker actually posted it. Talk about unclear on the concept!OK, like I said. I’ll settle down now. Thank YOU for the serious effort you are putting into this.Best Regards~Svin

  38. For the record, I’m only suggesting we keep insults and ridicule off the YouTube comments; on the Smackdown thread, I have no objections.In fact, I didn’t bookmark it and can’t find it, but I saw one comment that included a line something like, ‘for all you know, the vehicle was empty’. Ya, a vehicle driving down the road via remote control is blown up by an IED by remote control. Apparently, there are no human beings involved at all, just machinery (including video cameras). If so, why shout Allahu Akbar over the event, hmm?Of course, given YouTube’s content policy for jihadi videos, it’s probably not suprising that the jihadi video guys think all Americans are fools.

  39. For what it’s worth, I posted the following on YouTube’s “Satisfaction Survey,” available from their “main page” at the bottom, under “Give Feedback” —“I, for one, fail to understand YouTube’s “tolerance” of obviously jihadist videos that are nothing more than propaganda and recruitment vehicles for Islamist ideology. How does YouTube, obviously a product of Western Civilization, justify allowing those who would destroy said Civilization to blatantly use YouTube in that effort? I am disgusted at your WORSE than “double standard” regarding hate speech/traitorous activity, and will be evaluating my purchases relating to your sponsors very carefully.”Will wait for reply… (NOT)!Will see what happens today… LOVE the new “Categories” for tracking our efforts and identifying new “candidates,” “Repeat Offenders!”Off to the battlements! Let’s Roll!

  40. Just tried to leave a comment on one of SwordOfBaghdad’s videos. Got notification I have been “Blocked from leaving comments on this user’s videos.”Comments?

  41. “<>How do I block another member?<> You can block users from making comments on your videos or sending you messages. To block a user, go to their Profile and click the ‘Block User’ button in the ‘Connect with’ box.” – From YouTube’s Help CenterThe < HREF="" REL="nofollow">info<> above suggests that SwordofBaghdad has blocked you, not YouTube staff. Interesting, you can censor people objecting to your snuff films, but YouTube won’t censor your stuff films.

  42. Paul A. said… Just tried to leave a comment on one of SwordOfBaghdad’s videos. Got notification I have been “Blocked from leaving comments on this user’s videos.”Comments?DAMN! Last night I saw under some of the profiles the ability to block but didn’t think a darn thing about it. I suspect we will see a lot more of that! How to get around it? Multiple identities for ourselves – this gets more complicated.Obviously bugs to be worked out. With enough numbers of us doing this work, the jerks would have to spend a lot of time blocking a lot of people but anyway….another thing to think about.DAMN AGAIN!Andrea

  43. Well, I suspect I’ll get blocked for suggesting that the SwordOfBaghdad works for Mossad. Multiple identities, oh yes. ~Basil

  44. Basil, I suspect multiple identities would require multiple email addresses. For now, allow me to humbly suggest that anyone that receives such a message(blocked), send the address here. I will post it and we can swarm that individuals site with all available resources before he can block us all. The police use this tactic to great effect in street confrontations. Besides, much like the war in the sandbox, I think we are winning when they are on defense and we are on offense.Carry on Brothers and Sisters. We need new recruits. The bigger the swarm the better. Let’s put up some more success stories.Svin

  45. Paul A – The video you were blocked from. Your comment was registered even though you are now blocked.An idea – I have left the “hate speech” tag on several of his videos. So far have not been blocked. I think he doesn’t get to see who took that action.If we want to target a particular jerk, I think we can go thru first and tag as hate speech ALL OF HIS VIDEOS POSTED. THEN we can go back and leave comment. That is the point at which blocking occurs but at least Youtube has recorded the tag.Any future videos he may put on you wouldn’t be able to even get on the “hate speech” tag so decision, is it more important to tag or leave comment.Andrea

  46. Well folks, none of the videos I’ve flagged over the last few days have been removed, not even the ‘test case’ politically incorrect content violations.The first day or two I flagged both jihadi snuff flicks and the PC violations, and about half the PC hate speech videos were gone the next day, and only one of the jihadi ones seems to have been taken down (the most gruesome, decaying corpse-filled one).One of the PC ones had the ‘n-word’ as it’s most egregious example of hate speech. It was gone the next day. Now, none of the videos I’ve been marking are gone, even <>copyright violations<> I marked yesterday as test cases. Maybe 24 hours is too soon to tell, but since YouTube actually removes copyright violations, at least when reported by the copyright holder, it seemed worth a shot.We may want to rethink our policy of adding comments. All it seems to have accomplished is to have the jihadi’s block our comments and send us hate mail. And we know YouTube will protect jihadi hate mail.Anyway, it seems like the next step for me is to generate some temp hotmail or gmail accounts and create another YouTube account, and try again. If I flag the same videos and any of them get removed, that would suggest YouTube at some point filters out flags by accounts without reviewing them. If those videos stay up, maybe YouTube staff has no consistent approach, or maybe once they review and accept a video, they disable all future flags.All of which would be great labor-saving devices for YouTube, and serious obstacles to calling attention to the sheer number of vidoes glorifying death in the name of the Religion of Peace.

  47. Rickbert – this is great information.What this “might” be telling us is that it is a numbers game.We can’t see what is behind the scenes, how UT chooses to take someone down….maybe it takes five (pick a number) hate speech tags to take one down.I will concentrate on any you are working on (are they posted for us already? I will go back this weekend an see if you have already done so) and target them also.If you haven’t posted the ones you are concentrating on, give us a couple so we can try to effect the change.Andrea

  48. < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Rachel Lucas<> has been kind enough to link to our efforts, yeay!Andrea, I’m beginning to suspect we may do better having a dozen people each flagging a dozen different videos (maybe even over the course of a dozen days). It’s possible multiple flags on a single day will only result in a single ‘review’ anyway. Given the ability to block unwanted comments, it’s not going to be easy to tell how many times a given video has been flagged, which makes it harder to ‘reverse engineer’ YouTube’s practices. And if they review a video once, and accept it, all further flags may get filtered or ignored.Seems like our best shot is to get YouTube staff to daily face the sheer number of hate speech and Death Cult Islamist videos out there. As for my own efforts, aside from the PC tests, I’ve been doing a lot of IED bombing videos lately. I don’t care what YouTube thinks, shouting Allahu Akbar during an IED explosion under a humvee is hate speech. And while we’re at it, it is also sacrelige for ‘true Islam, a religion of peace.’

  49. Howdy Folks, I have added a new link list just underneath the Carpet Bombing section. These links are live and will take you directly to You Tube.Just send me the address of the video you view and I will post it as a new link.Good News,Takfir, or whatever his name is has turned off comments(or YOUTUBE has).I went to Sword of Baghdad and was able to flag it as graphic violence and was also able to leave our friend a comment(just as a test of course, sorry Rickbert, I couldn’t resist). Had a long phone conversation with MWP last night. We are in agreement on 2 things. We are achieving some good results, but ultimate success will involve lots more people helping.Please email friends, groups, and blogs to help recruit people. That is the Key.Andrea, About security concerns. I think Rickbert was wise to make sure his security was working before he went to visit these idiots websites, but from the incredibly ameteurish nature of the propoganda they are sending out, I dont think they are very sophisticated. In fact, I think that they are pretty damned stupid.Thanks again for everything, and keep those websites coming.Svin

  50. Curioser and Curioser. Was about to post some links to videos by rshea3428 I’d just flagged, as they were especially gruesome, and figured we might have a shot at them. Two copies, pretty much identical. Posted 3 months ago and viewed over 400 hundred times.I hit the link to the first one I’d flagged and bookmarked, to cut and paste it into this comment. And the page just hung there for a couple minutes. Then it came up, “This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.” Less than 5 minutes after I’d flagged it.And yet the < HREF="" REL="nofollow">second copy<> remains. Not sure whether this means YouTube staffers have wide discrection, some removing a video and others allowing a virtually identical copy, or what. Maybe multiple flaggings is the way to go after all.If different flaggings bring the same video up to different staff, maybe enough times will get us to a sympathetic staffer? Munnin/Svin, is there an email address we can send links for your sidebars? Have I missed where you posted it on the web page?

  51. Rickbert –R – Rachel Lucas has been kind enough to link to our efforts, yeay!A – THANK YOU Rachel………….love your doggies!R – I’m beginning to suspect we may do better having a dozen people each flagging a dozen different videos (maybe even over the course of a dozen days). A – We can coordinate this.R – It’s possible multiple flags on a single day will only result in a single ‘review’ anyway. A – OH DAMN…… could be right and that would cost us huge!!!R – Given the ability to block unwanted comments, it’s not going to be easy to tell how many times a given video has been flagged, A – You can’t tell this anyway. I am only flagging at the moment so you have no idea of my movement. I can tell when you guys comment and assume you also flagged.R – which makes it harder to ‘reverse engineer’ YouTube’s practices. And if they review a video once, and accept it, all further flags may get filtered or ignored.A – Possibly, but if they have any ethics whatsoever that won’t be their practice.R – Seems like our best shot is to get YouTube staff to daily face the sheer number of hate speech and Death Cult Islamist videos out there. A – Absolutely!I have been thinking about the one and only video that got smackedDOWN!!!Was he a one video poster only?Why hasn’t it happened on those guys who have 20 & 30 & 80 videos up?Is it political?What’s in it for YT (follow the money as is so often said) or have we just not hit on how to get it done yet?Ya know, we thought this was going to be easy…….just take the time to go in and shoot some of these guys DOWN! But the realty looks like we will have to shoot with precision and we’re in the learning curve right now but we’ll get there.Andrea

  52. SVIN!Anti-semite on David Perle Beheading(Takfir?-Comments Disabled 😉 Just clicked the link and it shows – “This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.”!!!!!!Is this possibly a high five????!!!!Andrea

  53. On the bright side folks, We Are Not Alone!< HREF="" REL="nofollow">Hot Air<> and < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Little Green Footballs<> may be more responsible for the Takfir takedown than our efforts, but I’ll take whatever we get, whoever gets it.

  54. Rickbert –I searched on rshea3428 –It shows only two videos by this creep!I believe there were 3 to begin with because you said two were virtually identical?The two remaining thumbnails are not identical!The first one labeled “Iraq the cost of war” is now defunct also…..removed for terms of use violation!The second is simply labeled Iraq –I have now tagged it hate speech………will check in on it again later.Is this perhaps more simple than we thought???????? or is it like we are beginning to wonder, a #’s game in light of you saying HA & LGF were doing same?Andrea

  55. <>RICKBERT ! RICKBERT ! RICKBERT !<>YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!!!WOWYou got us a hot link from Rachel Lucas!!!!!WOOHOO!!Beers are on me-waddya like?Thank you,Thank you, Thank you.I gusss we can add Takfir to the TERMINATED list.Outstanding to Everybody!!!!Svin the Amazed

  56. OH DANG!!!I swear I’ve got the chills….not alone, not alone – thanks LGF! Thanks Rachael!Andrea

  57. Rickbert et is now visible in Muninn’s profile.Thanks again everyone. I’m opening the bar early to celebrate.Seeya~SvinAndrea, We are most assuredly, Not Alone!

  58. <>I believe there were 3 to begin with because you said two were virtually identical?<>There were only 2 videos for rshea3428, different thumbnails, but otherwise pretty much identical. “Iraq the cost of war” still shows up in their search engine but the video itself won’t play, but gives the ‘has been removed’ message. It has also been removed from his profile. The one just labelled “Iraq” that I linked above is still live, and my flag did not result in it’s removal, despite virtually identical content.Maybe Svin/Muninn can put that up on the left side and if enough people flag it, it’ll get the same deleted fate as the other. Maybe it just comes down to the chances of finding a YouTube staffer who is willing to treat jihadis the same as racists? Hmm.

  59. Hey Folks,Is anybody else having difficulties getting into YouTube?I’ve tried several times today, and been pretty much unsuccessful.It may be that I’m inside China, it may be bandwidth at this hotel, it may be many things… But YouTube is taking a VERY long time to load the initial page, and after searching for and finding the RSHEAnnnn Iraq video, which is DEFINITELY “flagable” for graphic images, at the very least, things “hang up” completely.Anyone else?Paul A.

  60. Okay, group, we have a special mission today. I’m going to put up three URL’s for special attention, and hope they come up hot. Here’s the significance. The organization known as Al Furquan Media was captured last month by US forces along with all its computers, video cameras and the like. It’s out of business, so let’s make that known in the comments section.

    If they don’t come up hot when I post, we’ll see if Svin can fix ’em.Basil

  61. The SwordOfBaghdad has me blocked after I renamed him the Butter Knife of Baghdad. Sheesh, some people have such thin skin.~Basil

  62. MP, Svin, Rickbert, alexa, Paul A.,I go off to the beach for a relaxing week of sun, sand, waves and family fun and come back to find my E!3 and QTR buds have gone and started to dig tunnels and release termites under the enemies public relations podium. There appear to be a few issues regarding tunneling methods and the exact species of termites to use; but turning good ideas into working systems always takes both creativity and persistence. – This crowd has each in abundance.I have some catching up to do but I’m in on this one. Unquiet

  63. PaulA – No, no problem getting on YT here in CABasil – Thinskinned Butterknife – LOVE starting my day with a laugh! The poor baby!AFMedia to be tagged – going there now.Andrea

  64. Basil – “No Videos found for ‘”“No Videos found for ‘”“No Videos found for ‘”?????????I typed in Al Furquan Media and got one video only (see below) and don’t know if same but these guys definitely need to be on the YOU’RE TERMINATED F*****” list. HOW LOUD I WOULD LOVE TO SHOUT THAT AT THEM!!!!!!!They sit there a mile away with their damn camera just waiting for the comedy to begin!!!!!Sorry. The laughing just gets to me!Damn I would love to think you have already shot them down!!!!Video is labeled – New al-furqan media – “author” – IrhabiFromIraq PLEASE put him on the list!!!!He’s got 23 video’s under his name


  65. Good Morning everyone!Andrea’Hi and thanks for the URL. It is up and running. Go get’em folks. Look for IrhabiFromIraq in the hot link section.MWP, I am having mixed to no success with the URL’s you sent. One of 3 originally worked but now it says “video unavailable, If you have recently uploades this video it may take a few minutes.” Will keep trying.Unquiet, Welcome back. Is the old homestead still there? Glad to have you on board.Paul A, I am having some strange results on Youtube-see above. How are things in the Middle Kingdom these days.Thanks again to the “Crusaders”Svin

  66. Sorry, guys, my mistake. Trying running a search under Al Furqan Media, that should bring them around.Basil

  67. Okay, Butter Knife seems to understand that we are after him. He’s changing the URL’s to meet our attack . . . but I found him anyway. This one is good as of 09:17 Pacific time.

    Go, get ’em 🙂

  68. Yeah Basil. It’s the same group.ALL his videos are named – New al-furqan media. 23 as of right now.I find it odd that the three you posted wouldn’t pull up. Stillwonder if you got the three pulled! This guy have got to go!Andrea

  69. Pull his page up so all are showing – look at bottom of page – “Report background graphic”Is this the opportunity by any chance to complain to UT on all of them at one time?Anybody know?Andrea

  70. Basil, it looks like the links you sent haven’t so much been removed as the links themselves lost something in the cut-and-paste translation. Adding titles and Usernames may help, as may using the < HREF="" REL="nofollow">XHTML template<> for adding links:< HREF="" REL="nofollow">resistance jubas in iraq killling amerikan invaders<> – SCORCH543< HREF=" " REL="nofollow">Afghan Warlords<> – A2MIND< HREF="" REL="nofollow">Christmas<> – davereps< HREF="" REL="nofollow">Iraq Wants To Live<> – davereps< HREF="" REL="nofollow">Iraq<> – ToddSmyth (not rshea3428)Those are some links I flagged yesterday that are still up. Beware, some of those are largely corpse-filled (and yet YouTube has not seen feet to even require people click the ‘over 18’ button to see them, as they do for graphic anti-abortion videos).It’s extra work, but if we look at this as the shakedown cruise for the Smackdown efforts, this stuff will pay dividends as we go.Oh ya, ‘Butter Knife of Baghdad.’ Muahahaha. How about Spork of Baghdad?

  71. Yeesh, I searched the phrase, “Al Furqan Media” and not only does it work, but I recognize virtually every one of those posters’ names already. I don’t know why Basil’s links aren’t working, they look to have the same format as my links (anyone unable to load the links I put above, please let me know).Andrea, the “Report background graphic” only shows up on a profile if they’ve chosen to add a .jpg or .gif background to their profile page. Reporting it only reports the background image, say, if they add a porn or corpse pic, most likely.But we’re making progress. Search terms, usernames, video titles, and the links themselves. All pieces in the puzzle.

  72. Rickbert – “the “Report background graphic” only shows up on a profile if they’ve chosen to add a .jpg or .gif background to their profile page. Reporting it only reports the background image, say, if they add a porn or corpse pic, most likely”OK, I’m going to dig deeper. This particular guy we are talking about with multi videos – if we have the ability to – with one fell swoop – get all his videos reviewed at once, that is one heck of a lot easier than going to all 23 and tagging. And he’s just one of many….Andrea

  73. Me! Me! Me! Basil….I have an idea what to do with him but just in from farmers market…..give me a minute!Andrea

  74. OK Basil – Sword of yada yada and his e-mail address……..I say we get Rusty Shackleford on him for a major spam operation!FBI interest? If you read the article posted yesterday at Eject – “My Cyber Counter-jihad” the FBI et al didn’t even start looking at cyberspace issues until a few years ago. They are obviously interested in those trying to sell Stinger missiles or plotting to blow up the world. Good. But are they interested in jihadist sympathizers who make videos? You would certainly think so but what do I know.If anyone knows anyone in said organization – inquiry could certainly be made and/or Shannen Rossmiller noted the first contact she made with them was via the FBI online tip site. A posting could be made – to the effect – we are identifying hate groups glorifying the killing of our military – would you be interested? OK, that’s my two cents.Andrea

  75. Ok people, here is a strange one. Rickbert, went to the first url you listed Scorch543. He was online when I started leaving comments. See this surreal conversation(sorry it runs backwards in time as usual)WTF???SvinScorch543 Okay, look. I’ll stop being an ass if you will. Heres the deal. Take down the Jihadi Agitprop or kiss your Youtube account goodbye. Check out Takfirs account. As of yesterday it ceased to exist. Adult Americans object to spreading Jihadi video. It’s just damned ignorant and inconsiderate.Please!SvinSCORCH543 (14 minutes ago) ok please stop being an ass im 13 not a kihad wannabe i just felt like putting the video up for people who “want” to watch it can. so please stop trying to put me down. svinrod (19 minutes ago) Scorchman,Hey, I see your hangin in Canada. Thats the place where your not allowed to own guns right? I’m beginnin’ to see just how brave you really are. You are just a jihadee wannabe, living in a nice comfy(if disarmed)country, playing videogames and belittling The U.S.A. Remember what Machiavelli said about being disarmed.“Apart from the obvious disadvantages, it renders one despicable.” Old Niccolo is right again.Woof,woof,woof,The Dogcatcher SCORCH543 (33 minutes ago) i would like to point out “AGAIN” thats not me in the vid i found it on a website and got permission to use it. svinrod (38 minutes ago) Scorch old buddy, You really need a new soundtrack. Those guys mumbling in…what language is that anyway, Goatish, Goatese ? And what about some subtitles. I still cant read shit backwards. Why do you guys do everything backwards. Saddam butchered his own people for decades. We throw him out for you and now you want a revolution?. Gimme a break. Pathetic cowards one and all.Woof,woof,woof.Dogcatcher ???????????????????????????????????

  76. Andrea,You’re not going to believe this, but . . . I went to JAWA on your suggestion, and what do I find?“Irhabi 007 Tsouli” is in custody, and the damn Brits gave him a computer with internet access! I see by his profile at YouTube that he’s only been a member for a week. Coincidence? I don’t think so. I think it’s the same guy. Next step?~Basil

  77. <>Scorch543 is taking them down!<>Sniff. Y’all make me want to be a better man. I’ve no idea what the ratio of dangerously insane lunatics, dumbass wannabees, and the 13 year old YouTube equivalent of the hacker script kiddies there are out there. Given the education our kids receive these days, though, reposting a jihadi video probably seems the politically correct thing to do, and if they get to post something goulishly violent, bonus points (to the juvenile mind).Basil & Andrea, excellent questions on when something crosses the line to be brought to the attention of not just YouTube but the authorities. One more thing to look into. Btw, Muninn/Svin has asked me to help out with the site, and if I can get up to speed, maybe we can pursue these kinds of questions and provide updates on them.I also saw the story about the guy posting jihad websites from British jails. In the Brits’ defense, it appears they only gave him use of a laptop to ‘help prepare his defense’, which is becomming commonplace. It seems they’re still trying to figure out who was responsible for smuggling it to him.Still, it’s a good example of the lesson that ‘the price of liberty is eternal vigilance’, like, I hope, our little Operation YouTube Smackdown.

  78. I know that IrhabiFromIraq was active just a few hours ago because he answered my comment. I think we can find out if he’s the same guy the Brits have in jail. Someone who hasn’t posted to him can contact him directly from his YouTube profile. Something like, “Tariq, is it you?” might flush the guy.~Basil

  79. Good job today, group. It appears some of the Al Furqan vids are coming down. Maybe they didn’t want the world to know they’re out of business? Got a repeat offender needs carpet bombing: KhateebJihad.~Basil

  80. Oh DANG! I leave for two hours only to come back and finding you guys have been breaking things – HEADS that is! Yehaw!!!!!!!!!!!Rickbert – “Btw, Muninn/Svin has asked me to help out with the site, and if I can get up to speed, maybe we can pursue these kinds of questions and provide updates on them.”Not understanding this…you’ve been here the whole time?!? Well, in regards to pursuing questions – once there is a list that is not a mile long because we have figured out some stuff ourselves, I think it would be a good thing to post at EEE asking for help with questions we have. That is one huge, tremendously talented and possibly connected group. Something like – Hey folks – we’re working hard over at Quoth and have run into the following questions we are looking for answers to…..if you can help on even one…..please e-m yada yada and then list. OK, gotta go catch up.Andrea

  81. Andrea, I should have been clearer. The behind the scenes work has started taking up a lot of Svin’s time, and he’s asked if I could help out. If I can learn the background stuff to help him with the sidebar stuff, etc., that’s what I meant.Also, I agree the Ejectia folks will be valuable (I’m biased, I came from there myself, thanks svin!). Speaking of which, anyone who hasn’t checked out the link we got from Rachel Lucas, I want to quote an idea from one of her commenters:<>“This video aids and abets our enemies in time of war and should be deleted” is not the best wording. Google is run by a bunch of radical leftists, and they don’t have any problem with aiding and abetting our enemies; they want us to lose the war.<><>I suggest something more like this: “This video expresses religious intolerance and racist hatred. It advocates the slaughter of innocent people for political gain. It should be deleted immediately and the person who posted it should be banned.”<> – Pat BerryI like the ‘aid and abet’ line myself, but Pat’s got a point about the mindset of the likely YouTube staffer. Maybe exposing YouTube to a variety of grounds for objecting to the jihadi junk they’re hosting is a good idea.

  82. Good Morning, (Evening) folks!Been doin’ a little video flagging/commenting, since yesterday’s “issues” seem to have straightened out. Would appear to have been bandwidth delay from the PRC…LOVE the work we’re doing, and the small successes we’re “booking!” As Rickbert said on E!E!E!, we may not be carrying weapons on the front line, but (IMHO) THIS battlefield is an important one, also. Seems to be one of the MAIN fields of conflict, in point of fact…Sleep well, all… I’ve got your back from China in the overnight hours!Paul A.

  83. Good point, Rickbert!!! Think I’ll change my original wording a bit, to reflect that newer, more “sensitive” tack… And I’m sure Svin appreciates the help… wish I were more technically oriented and could contribute more.Back to the battlements!Paul A.

  84. Hey guys – consider taking the time to DOWN this ahole please. He’s just a one video jerk but needs to be fried! There’s bigger fish and he doesn’t even bother to check on his beloved audience very often but I would love to see him gone next time he shows his ugly face!

    The UN AMERICAN way of war.commieknocker3000 Andrea

  85. Hi all,Andrea, Rickbert, MWP, Paul.Aet. al. Anybody here that wants an administrator code is welcome to it. I need help posting all the stuff in the sidebar links, and then testing them to see if they work, and then try to figure out where I screwed up and do it all over again. For instance, first thing this A.M. I mistyped one of Basil’s URL’s and It took me straight to a XXX porn sight. If I had not done a function test of the link I might have given some good people a morning shock and possibly inadvertantly broken several state and federal laws. QTR has always been a group effort, and this blogspot stuff is mostly point and click since they got out of Beta. Feel free to drop me a line at Muninns email and we’ll go to work. You guys are scouting out so many juicy targets and alternate strategies, I dont want anything to fall through the cracks because I cant keep up.Best to all,Svin

  86. Svin – I haven’t the faintest how to do anything on a website – however, see if this would be of any help to you………….as each of us posts info, I can take and copy/paste to an e-mail, send to myself, TEST upon receiving it. If correct than shoot them to you or whoever so many at a time? Then all you have to do is copy/paste to the list.I even suspect (sorry, I’ve just never done website stuff) if I sent five at a time, you could copy/paste all five at once?Does this help?Andrea

  87. I have some good news to share on the Smackdown front. First, make sure you’re seated and put any beverages down. It comes from The New York Times. No, really. I mean it. I was googling around, trying to learn more about YouTube’s policies and practices when I came across a NYT article from Oct. 6, ’06. It is probably no coincidence this was just 3 days before the announcement that Google was buying YouTube for $1.65 billion. Possibly a planted story to get good PR, but given what it said, I don’t care.The artical was < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Anti-U.S. Attack Videos Spread on Web<>. As they say, read the whole thing. But of particular interest were comments about how YouTube and Google Video were handling them.<>In an e-mail message, Ms. Supan [senior director of marketing for YouTube] said that among the videos removed were those that “display graphic depictions of violence in addition to any war footage (U.S. or other) displayed with intent to shock or disgust, or graphic war footage with implied death (of U.S. troops or otherwise).”<>When it came to the IED videos, so far I’d limited myself to flagging (as hate speech) only those that were clearly glorifications of the act (e.g. set to music amid shouts of Allahu Akbar). Now we have YouTube saying “graphic war footage with implied death” meets the standard for removal.My goal in the YouTube Smackdown has been for a consistent standard, fairly applied to all sides on controversial subjects. If they want to mimic university PC speech code standards, fine, as long as they do it for everyone. If they want to leave everything up until they get sued, well, that’s a judgement call their lawyers can make.But I won’t accept removing politically incorrect videos while allowing Death Cult snuff films to remain. Maybe I’ll start cutting and pasting the above quote into the video comments when I flag the IED videos, see what happens.

  88. Rickbert –This “little” gem may just be the key to getting Youtube to be willing to be a whole lot more responsible.Nowadays you have got to be careful what you say because someone is recording it somewhere!This info is as HOT as the (Sept 1992) UT video of Al Gore that got exposure a few weeks ago where he was saying Bush Sr was not doing enough about terrorists – “Gore criticizes Bush for ignoring Iraq’s ties to terrorism” What irony – using Google to find this on Youtube.Rickbert – great, absolutely great find!Andrea

  89. Rickbert et al – IrhabiFromIraq – the guy who had 23 New al-furquan media video’s up yesterday.First of all, of those I tagged – no change in status.So just now I pulled him up again and went to –Report Background graphicReport UserPlease indicate why you are reporting this user. Our Customer Support Team will review this information and the user’s account for violation of YouTube guidelines and policies.In section used to report I filed the following – Why? Because these video’s clearly meet the criteria as stated below.In an e-mail message, Ms. Supan [senior director of marketing for YouTube] said that among the videos removed were those that “display graphic depictions of violence in addition to any war footage (U.S. or other) displayed with intent to shock or disgust, or graphic war footage with implied death (of U.S. troops or otherwise).”Anti-U.S. Attack Videos Spread on WebThe New York TimesOctober 6, 2006Thanks Rickbert! We’ll see where this goes.Andrea

  90. Well folks, I put up a link to my NY Times story here for the folks over at Ejectia, so maybe I can get away with linking here to something I put up over there.Svin/Muninn suggested making videos to ridicule the hatefest jihadis, and I got to thinking of lyrics. In the end, I’m not sure about setting them to music, but allow me to point you to my verses, < HREF="" REL="nofollow"><>from The Rubaiyat of Omar Has-Been<><>.

  91. Well, Svin/muninn has put my name on the QTR masthead, and I hope he won’t regret it. Y’all will have to be the judge whether Power Corrupts or With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.I’m still learning my way around the Blogger software but am hoping to help keep the sidebar sections up to date. I’ve got a gruesome batch of vids flagged today, by tomorrow I hope to have learned how to post any takedowns, or point you out to those that remain up.I do want to share another tidbit I came across. Same NY Times, actually published Oct. 9, 2006, hours before Google announced it was buying YouTube. < HREF="" REL="nofollow">A Slippery Slope of Censorship at YouTube<>. The article spends most of it’s time trying to let YouTube both have and eat it’s ($1.65b) cake on the content/censorship question.But what caught my eye was the claim that videos are only deleted when YouTube’s “customer support department agrees that it is inappropriate, or that the video is on its face in violation of the site’s terms of use.” Google searching around some more, I came across several claims that YouTube never deletes flagged material without a YouTube person first reviewing the video.What I never saw was the claim that just because a video gets flagged it is assured of getting reviewed. In fact, if I were to set my language parser to Clinton-grade analysis, I’d say they were going to great pains to avoid saying any such thing. At the time Google bought YouTube, they had 60 employees; their Wikipedia entry lists the current number at 67. There has got to be some level of automation going on.Last week when I flagged a snuff flick and it was gone five minutes later, I figured I got lucky and YouTube staffers were having a slow day. Now I think it’s more likely that flagging was simply the straw that broke the camel’s back.I’m talking about rshea3428’s videos. They were almost identical but one had a dead body for a thumbnail and the other didn’t. The graphic one had been viewed over 400 times, the blank screen one less than 50. The 2nd one remains to this day. Maybe it just hasn’t met whatever internal threshold YouTube sets up for videos.If we can confirm this is the sort of thing YouTube’s doing, then maybe we’re getting close enough to figuring out the system to start putting more effort into getting other people and other bloggers to join the Smackdown.I am hesitant to ask people to go and watch some of the videos we’re asking them to flag, especially if they’ve eaten recently. The more confidence we have that doing what we’re asking them to do will lead to results, the better.Now time for me to go look at’s documentation to learn how to make it <>easier<> for people to help out as well.

  92. I’m pretty sure Google and YouTube operate as separate companies, so a complaint to Google may accomplish even less than a complaint to YouTube. Stil, gotta say I giggled when I loaded that url and saw, “Report a legal matter”. Given how much money YouTube makes hosting all these videos for which they say they have no legal responsibility, ya gotta laugh. Or cry.

  93. Andrea,“Irhabi” seems to be rather generic. Translated from Arabic it means “terrorist”, so it’s not the same guy. ~Basil

  94. <>“Translated from Arabic it means “terrorist”<> – BasilGee, a guy posting videos like that having that kind of username? Whudathunkit?

  95. Yeah, like he thinks he’s some kind of James Bond or something. Actually, I looked for him on the tube and couldn’t find him, however, if you search just the word Irhabi you come up with what looks like some nasty stuff. I will get on it as soon as I can.

  96. I’ve run searches for rshea2428 and commieknocker300 and coming up empty. Somebody confirm. Maybe they’ve been pulled.~Basil

  97. Just watched <>Qaida al-Jihad (as-Sahab): Rockets American base Machadad<> from the Daily Dozen.Ok, these guys set up what appear to be a bunch of <>artillery shells<> and then cut to a view of a rather dusty explosion. Ok, some of these videos are pure evil but I’m calling massive incompetence on this one.Where are the shots of the field of ‘missiles’ rocketing skyward? Where are the shots of them, I dunno, landing somewhere and doing damage? My money’s on the whole field blowing up instead of launching.If only all the ‘attacks’ did as much damage as this video, the troops really could come home.

  98. < HREF="" REL="nofollow">rshea3428<> still has this video up. If you enter the username in the search box his profile and one remaining video still show up, and I just played it again, so it’s there for me.I see my comment and one from our PaulA199, as well. If the link above doesn’t work, let me know.

  99. Rickbert, Uncle Jimbo at blackfive had the same impression of the artillery shell/rockets in a write up a few days ago. Strangely enough, they are a real weapon, but accuracy is astonishingly poor. I have watched video of bad guys launching them from the ground with nothing for a launcher but the bag it came in laid over some rocks. Now thats a precision aiming device!Iranian Rockets a joke?Posted By Uncle Jimbo UPDATE: I retract my previous BS statement, Wile E. Coyote as it is these will work as Karl’s video below shows. Check this link to see what they actually fire in the video below. But we can’t surrender to a collection of super geniuses can we?All right, Uncle Jimbo Special Forces Weapons Sergeant checking in with a great big WTF? These Iranian rockets are an interesting yard display, but what exactly were they supposed to do? I have sent a message asking MNF-I for clarification. Those little things they are set on are not rocket launchers, and if they actually ignited those shells sitting on those stands they would spin around and likely kill the idiot who emplaced or fired them. Those are not rockets, they are some sort of 107 mm shell that would require a tube to aim it. This Rube Goldberg stuff has a very high Wile. E. Coyote element to it. I don’t doubt that the stuff came from Iran, but it would be nothing more than a Middle Eastern redneck fireworks display that only harmed the maroons who emplaced it. We can’t possibly be considering surrendering to these clowns can we?UPDATE: From the comments:We’ve found a lot of these emplaced near our FOB in the past, just like you see in that picture with the crude launching stand. True, they’re not very accurate, but it does work because the rocket itself is spin-stabilized. That’s how you can tell if it’s a rocket or mortar when you’re taking IDF. The rockets kind of “whirrrrrr” when they’re coming down while the mortars don’t really make much of a sound. I’m no physics geek so I cannot fully explain how the spin thing works, but they get the job done, Inshallah.Posted by: LT X | July 15, 2007 at 05:46 PMUncle J- I would love to see some ambitious EOD tech or whoever, fire one of these and film it, ‘cuz I swear I can’t see how it would fly.Ask and ye shall receive from Karl B. It’s tough to see the launcher, but it looks small. I may soon have to retract my previous BS statement. But I maintain the Wile E. Coyote comment, of whom there are links in the comments. July 15, 2007 • Permalink • Comments (29) •

  100. RE: 107mm rockets. They fly, but that’s about all we can say about them. I’m guessing the range on these things will vary with trajectory, but I’m guessing between a half mile and two. So, after sailing that distance, what’s the chance of bringing one down on a ribbon of highway 15 meters wide? I can see their use for random strikes into something as big as a village, but much like the German V-1, it’s a terror weapon, not much more.~Basil

  101. PsyOps launched against Commieknocker. If he bans me too, he’ll be revealed as a coward. I bet we have more friends than he does. We can keep this up indefinitely.~B

  102. Yeah Basil, as has been confirmed to you already, both are still there and unfortunately both are still active. One little typo and you can’t find it – however – I will be working feverishly to set all listed so far with links so folk don’t have to “type” – just click. I see Rickbert already linked the one he replied on. I LIKE links in e-mails!Andrea

  103. The General Lee was the name a Stryker Brigade Team gave their ride. I’ve now come across two stories about what happened to it. I’ve seen this video on YouTube more than once. Now I’ve just < HREF="" REL="nofollow">read<> about it.“As the bomb detonated beneath it, the General Lee arced like a dolphin from the sea of Hell. … And that was it. Our guys’ lives seemed to be reduced to propaganda.”…“I’ve got a photo of the mangled General Lee, but we don’t like to publish things that help the enemy. Suffice to say that the General Lee took another one for the team, and again saved the crew.”YouTube my ass. Give me YonTube. Michael Yon-Tube.

  104. Andrea, we may be on the verge of duplicating efforts. In a couple of hours I’ll be taking over the Daily Dozen sidebar for Svin/Muninn. Was going to post about it then but I guess now’s a good a time as any.Each entry will have the title and author of the video. The link will be embedded with the title for one-click convenience. Blogger’s automatic archiving only works on posts, so I’ve created a work-around archive system. In addition to the video links, the Daily Dozen sidebar will have links to previous days lists, plus the ability for anyone who has links of their own to email them to me to put in upcoming Daily Dozen lists.Any video put into the Daily Dozen will have a comment (if I haven’t already been blocked) with a quote for the appropriate violation of YouTube’s own policies. This will help me keep track of duplicates, as it seems likely flagging the same video more than once won’t be counted.This should also make it easier to check back and confirm any deleted videos or accounts. Once it goes live, if anything doesn’t seem to be working, or you have any suggestions, email me, or drop a comment. Thanks.

  105. OK Rickbert – I was kind of wondering how we were going to keep from tramping each other’s toes – reference T.Biscuit notes.You guys let me know when you need something.

  106. <>You guys let me know when you need something.<> – AndreaBe careful what you wish for, lol. With the Daily Dozen now linkable, the Loser Links can probably be folded into the Repeat Offenders sidebar, focusing on accounts of especially egregious videos or uploaders.And Successful Smackdowns will need periodic updating. Maybe put an email address there for any reports of takedowns, along with periodically reviewing old Daily Dozen lists.As I mentioned at the T.Biscuit practice site, if any admin here wants an invite to be an admin there, email one of my addresses and we’ll set you up to tinker around there on any ideas you have.

  107. QTR folks, Can somebody download a picture of a Stryker in Iraq and write a quick article about that latest Michael Yon Piece. The link is here. We need a headline something like Michael Yon Smacks down Jihadi Video. Then make it the top post on QTR. The timing could not be better. That story is awesome and ties in directly with us.The article shoild be brief but emphasize that we are fighting the same fight. Too late for me to start it tonight, but I’d love to see it up by morning.Any takers?Svin

  108. Rickbert – Daily Dozen – clickable links – that is so darn EASY! Thank you!!Michael Yon’s article – the video he used was in one of yesterday’s DD.If we should get that taken DOWN – there goes his link!Wonder how MY found that specific video to use considering all the damn vid’s there are on the net and considering a lot of time he has internet access issues?Sorry Svin – I’m not a writer or would have taken care of your request.

  109. <>the video he used was in one of yesterday’s DD.<> – AndreaI have become familiar with a good many images. I’ve seen the same IEDs going off at the side of the same road near the same power line, over and over. I’ve seen the same mangled bodies in video after video claiming terrorists and US soldiers are, well, the same. That’s one reason I started placing comments, just so I’d know if I was watching the same upload or just the same footage in different videos. Michael Yon’s video doesn’t have the YouTube logo in the corner, so it’s not going anywhere. In fact, it’s a good example of the disctinction I’ve made before. Every video I flag isn’t flagged because I don’t believe in free speech. The Internet is a big place, and there’s far worse out there. But YouTube wants to claim it follows high-minded policies without being high-minded or evenhanded when it comes to enforcing them. Go ahead, YouTube, pull the other one.

  110. Ok, this one’s a real head scratcher. While working on tomorrow’s Daily Dozen, I came across < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Armed Assault Ied Sniping juba<> by Zergman1. It may take a few seconds, but you soon realize realize you’re watching footage of … a video game.Sure, it’s overlaid with chanting that probably celebrates and calls for the death of US soldiers, and all other infidels, but, it’s a cartoon. It may be hate speech, I can’t tell. I flag the IED stuff when it is clearly being celebrated (hate speech rather than, say, graphic violence).Do they expect anyone to be fooled, or are they taking inspiration from the Supreme Court ruling that cartoons of child porn aren’t the same thing as pictures of actual child porn?Not that I have any problem putting these cyber jihadis on the same moral plain as child molesters. But still, you gotta ask yourself, WWYTD? What would YouTube do? Is cartoon child porn not ‘sexually explicit’? Are cartoon snipers glorying in death of our soldiers hate speech?

  111. Update: Oh, fer cryin’ out loud. They’re all over the place. A common theme is the perhaps mythical ‘Juba the sniper’ videos. Oh, there are real videos of snipers out there, the only question is whether Juba is a real person or just a common nom de guerre these guys use.And looking at the accounts of many of these cartoon sniper videos, these aren’t Al-Furqan Media projects, but mostly kids playing with their games and video capture software.But they are <>imitating<> those who do it for real. Imitation, as they say, is the sincerest of flattery. Sigh.

  112. Commieknocker3000 – another reason to fry this guy………in his piece he has used Michael Yon’s photograph titled Strength and Compassion. TICKS ME OFF! One probably all have seen taken four years ago-ish, early on in the war, a soldier carrying a child in a blanket his head bowed over her small body. Yon has sued over this particular piece before but C-3000 I guess would be a far cry to go.Rickbert – “Are cartoon snipers glorying in death of our soldiers hate speech?”Svin’s personal takedown Scorch543 does this….didn’t finish watching to see if hate speech, didn’t look like it. Think just war game.Hey! If we were into saving people – that kid is passionate about planes, he could sure have some great mentors from the EEE group.

  113. Forgot to give my two – Rickbert – “Are cartoon snipers glorying in death of our soldiers hate speech?”DAMN RIGHT IT IS!

  114. <>how about one for our side?<> – BillHHeh, I’ve been thinking about suggesting we add a sidebar link with an example of the kinds of videos we’d like to see more of on YouTube.Of course, given that we’re trying to get YouTube to enforce it’s own policies, which supposedly prevent uploading videos where anyone gets killed, I’m not sure they’d accept the one you linked. 🙂Now, something like ArmySykess’ < HREF="" REL="nofollow">American Tribute<>, I could see.

  115. rickbert-hadn’t seen that one, thanks for the heads up. it’ll prob’ly find a way onto my blog one of these days.when I was look at jihadi vids the other day and flagging, I wondered if any of you needed a lift, and then realized we have death vids too… sad that an “american” company hasn’t got the cajones or the brains to take a real stand.

  116. Basil said:I’m beginning to lose my composure. The execution of an American pilot in cold blood was just one straw too many. It’s probably a good thing that YouTube cut off my comment stream because I exceeded some sort of threshold or another. This SHIT’S GOTTA STOP! Google/YouTube is not an American company. It’s an obscenity. Maybe we need to start posting our own videos with YouTube as a target? No doubt that would get their attention.~Basil the Pissed

  117. Rickbert, BillH, Andrea, et al.My personal favorite is still this one by Trace Adkins.<>

    <> Make sure to watch it all the way through. I think it captures our philosophy just fine.SvinP.S. Sorry I haven’t gotten much done today. Still a little under the weather.

  118. Basil – “It’s probably a good thing that YouTube cut off my comment stream because I exceeded some sort of threshold or another. This SHIT’S GOTTA STOP!”What the HELL??? Google cut you off from posting…period! Totally???When did this happen???!!!And if you mean completely then Rickbert for sure is next and probably any one of the regulars here except me as I am still just flagging.Basil et al, I don’t know what we do but we have got to address this somehow, someway!muninn said… My personal favorite is still this one by Trace Adkins. Make sure to watch it all the way through.Will do!

  119. OK Basil, I got it, little slow here, you meant Youtube only allows for so much type per post.???Yes?That’s how people get shot, only listening to half….I got as far as pilot executed in cold blood then you getting cut off.

  120. Okay, crew, don’t panic. My read on the scene is that a subscriber can only make so many comments per day. That policy does not inhibit continued flagging. I’ve been cut off a number of times, but never for more than a few hours. ~B

  121. I haven’t run into a limit on total comments yet, but each comment has a maximum length of 500 characters <>and<> there is a limit to how many comments you can post in a given period of time.More than once I’ve had to do that anti-spam thing where you type in text from the picture to prove you’re a live human being. That may have been what happened to Basil. For some reason, they put that at the very bottom of the comments so you won’t always see it unless you scroll all the way down.

  122. Hi Guys, Especially Basil, because I know you are familiar with the “Gates of Vienna” blog. Did you see where they were cut off by Blogspot for more than 18 hours because they suspected that they were a spambot? Blogspot said that they will suspend an account if someone complains that it violates their terms of agreement. Needless to say, I think GOV is looking for another host.Svin.P.S. Rush L. mentioned today that Google is taking heat for allowing Jihadist to organise on it’s search engine without adequate oversight.Perhaps our “Whackamole” strategy is stirring things up after all.

  123. We may not know how effective we are until victory. Word spreads in strange ways. A single tip to the right person can bring a flood of support, but we might never know who, what or when. Just keep on keep’s on. There’s a critical mass out there somewhere. The war has just begun.~B

  124. <>allowing Jihadist to organise on it’s search engine without adequate oversight<>Heh. How about allowing them to organize on YouTube, as well? If either qualifies as an opening for legal action regarding YouTube, I hope some conservative lawyers were listening. We. Are. Not. Alone.

  125. BillH, Lest I forget my manners, thanks for the support.Bill is from Idaho. The word is spreading.~Basil

  126. “This video has been removed due to terms of use violation. “†…STOP THE WAR IN IRAQ…† – sisterprositFrom Daily Dozen 7/18YES!

  127. Question of the Day: When Google bought YouTube, newspapers said YouTube had 60 employees. YouTube’s wikipedia entry currently claims 67. YouTube’s Help Center < HREF="" REL="nofollow">says<>:<>Each flagged video is promptly reviewed by YouTube administrators (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) who immediately remove any content that violates the Terms of Use.<>Just to have a single person on staff 24/7 to review flagged videos would require something like 10% of total staff. Hate Speech is listed in the ‘Flag as Inappropriate’ box. So here’s the question: How many languages must a reviewer speak to be able to determine when a video constitutes hate speech? Or do they only remove hate speech if it’s in english?Just wondering.

  128. From < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Ann Althouse<>, it seems Humvees < HREF="" REL="nofollow">aren’t safe<> anywhere these days. How long before video of the act shows up on YouTube, I wonder.

  129. “This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.”Compilation attacks – Alliance01“This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.”Tribute to the Mujahideen – Mowen11“This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.”Crusade Invasion II – Mowen11New daily dozen up – 7/20 – three already toast!YES!

  130. I got us a link through Jawa off the comments section. Let’s see if it will draw some recruits.~Basil

  131. Andrea, last night when I updated the DD, I went thru all the links in the archives and found just one new takedown to add to the Successful Smackdowns. All of the 20th’s I’d flagged and prepared for posting earlier in the day were still up. Maybe the fact these are now being flagged multiple times is increasing their chances of being removed. Woo hoo!Basil, I went to MyPetJawa to see if I could find the comment, and it was easy to guess right away which post it was. Thanks, and btw, I didn’t know you and MWP were the same person, lol.Also, since this comment thread is getting long, I’ve been talking to Muninn and toying around with ways of making a Main Page post as a permanent link, with separate weekly comments threads, to go along with the now easy-link Daily Dozen. That way we could also have other posts, editorals, or articles on things like the Michael Yon piece Muninn asked about (have a draft, working on that too).If we can get something like that up and running before Ejectia goes live, I’m pretty sure we could get some traffic from all the people coming to check out the forums and such there.

  132. Rickbert ” All of the 20th’s I’d flagged and prepared for posting earlier in the day were still up. Maybe the fact these are now being flagged multiple times is increasing their chances of being removed. Woo hoo!”I don’t know how it’s being done, who’s doing, all I know is when I went to attend to your DD of the 20th there were three, get that THREE!! already down!!!!!! That was so gratifying even if it wasn’t my flag helping because I was too late!Rickbert“Basil……….Thanks, and btw, I didn’t know you and MWP were the same person, lol.”I think MWP aka Basil is also posting as “~B” ??????Rickbert “Also, since this comment thread is getting long, I’ve been talking to Muninn and toying around with ways of making a Main Page post as a permanent link, with separate weekly comments threads, to go along with the now easy-link Daily Dozen. That way we could also have other posts, editorals, or articles on things like the Michael Yon piece Muninn asked about (have a draft, working on that too).”Rickbert/Svin – I think this is important to do for another reason. This thread is mostly “our” learning curve and a new person coming in and reading might not be real interested. I think the main page thread should be first – the generic, instructional, how to take these guys down. After that, whatever postings are fine and can be archived later but always front page how to do it for new folk.Please do, however, archive this thread. There is information in it I for one would like to (in my spare time) gather. Rickbert, this is well on it’s way, if not already there, to being used by new people …. easily. You guys are doing a great job.

  133. Black 5 is asking volunteers to adopt a marine. I’m in. I suggest everybody who posts here do the same.MWP aka Basil Riverdale

  134. It’s a boy! I just got my email response from Soldier’s Angels, and they ask that you not publish information about your adopted soldier publicly. So until I know whether they mean personally-identifiable info or even where they’re stationed, that’s all I’ll mention.Maybe I’ll have to find a nickname for him. My grandpa was called “Johnny”. I always got a kick out of that because I never heard anyone call him anything but dad or grandpa until a couple years after I’d insisted everyone call me Rick(bert) instead of Ricky. And here grandpa was still Johnny.

  135. Well done, Rickbert. I got myself a marine stationed just outside of Baghdad. I also have a guy in an MP unit (somewhere) that I’ve been sending stuff to for the last four months, but he never writes, and “Adopt a Soldier” doesn’t divulge. At least with “Angels” you know the who and the where. Carry on.~Basil

  136. Just a heads up. Tomorrow’s Daily Dozen will be split up into <>IED Hate Speech<> and <>Strong Stomach req’d<> per a suggestion from Andrea (have a reply post up on the admin sandbox site for all to read). Anyone who just isn’t up for the really graphic stuff can stick with <>IED Hate Speech<>.I can’t promise you’ll be any less offended after viewing those compared to the <>Strong Stomach req’d<> ones but at least if you’ve eaten recently you’ll know a bit better what to expect when you click a link.Also, I’m putting one of the video game cartoon jihad videos I keep coming across lately, “Armed Assault Jihad – SimioHornerFilms”. It tries to be graphic, but given the constraints of the video game that is mostly just red-stained clothing. I flagged it as hate speech, mostly curious to see what YouTube would do if a bunch of us flagged it.We’ll see.

  137. Rickbert – “Just a heads up. Tomorrow’s Daily Dozen will be split up into IED Hate Speech and Strong Stomach req’d per a suggestion from Andrea (have a reply post up on the admin sandbox site for all to read).”Nope. I posed the issue of those who would have to put their hands in front of their screens so they don’t have to see the blood and gore and you came up with the solution.This is important. It will be key to keeping volunteers willing to do the work if they aren’t kept awake at night by what they have seen or don’t have to throw up after viewing. An excellent solution Rickbert.

  138. I picked this bit of intel off of Black Five. There’s a grass-rootscampaign in Iraq now to discredit bombers by attacking their motivation. IE. Real men don’t attack in this way. It’s shameful and cowardly. This plays into certain Arab notions of manhood and its concept of shame. I think it useful. We can start salting our comments with these sort of sentiments and play along with the new PR campaign as it plays in Iraq.~Basil

  139. <>bit of intel off of Black Five<> – BasilHeh, going by some of the responses and comments to my profile (remember, so far I’m just quoting YouTube policies to ‘mark’ the videos I’ve already put in Daily Dozens) our cyber jihadis have even thinner skins.And I’d say shame had a lot to do with the guy Muninn got to take down his jihadi video, Scorch543. Works for me.

  140. Rickbert, Andrea, MWP, et al,Ck out this link from Laughing Wolf at Blackfive. I think we should shamelessly borrow it as our official policy and link to his personal blog.<><> I am not worried about lawsuits at this time. All they can do is ask us to take stuff down. I don’t think they could prove any damages. One other thing Rickbert, It looks like you figured out how to post clickable videos, which is way cool. I looked at your HTML code and I think I can copy it.While I like the “Tribute” piece (I love Bagpipes !!!), I dont think that this particular vid is a good one to lead off with. Its a bit of a downer actually. We need something to inspire folks to action, not reflection. I prefer something more like the T.A. video I posted earlier, or anything that focuses more on Victory, than sacrifice. Just an opinion. If no one else has any other comments, I say go ahead and launch it.Andrea, I have been looking at site counters and stuff but have not found one I like a whole lot yet. Any suggestions? I checked out TTLB but we dont need most of their stuff.So if you will do the honors, please break a bottle of finest Reims Champagne (G.H.Mumm Cordon Vert Extra Dry or a 1938 Verve Cliquot)over the top of your monitor screen and yell, I christen thee U.S.S Smackdown. “Death to the infidel, and confusion to the French!”Or something else entirely.OOOrrrAAAHHH!Svin

  141. We are go for launch! Blogger automatically backs up data (more securely than on any of our home hard drives) and since I won’t be deleting any existing posts, it will mostly be a matter of making new posts and copying the contents from TB, ensuring all the links point where they need to, etc.I’ll do a little more polish tonight and will start putting it up in the morning. *Puts Birch Beer on the shopping list.*I liked Laughing Wolf’s < HREF="" REL="nofollow">declaration<>. (Geez, it’s like I can embed html links in my sleep now.) And I like the attitude. We could easily link to him in our sidebars.The YouTube videos I put up were just the first things that came up with the search phrase ‘soldier tribute’, and I agree, the first one should be a good ‘un. In fact, if Svin has the time, I’d like him to select the inaugural video. I’m not sure which video ‘T.A.’ refers to, but if you could email me the link, or any other one you like, I’ll see that it goes up right out of the gate.And I reckon we have between the time we launch and goes live to get a site meter going. Andrea gives us five hours. I’ll take one week in the admin office pool (would <>love<> to lose that bet).

  142. Ever mindful of our military worldwide, their families, the sacrifices – our efforts here at QTR are dedicated to you that you may know – we here at home – have got your backs!We hereby christen this site the U.S.S Smackdown!!!Lets roll!

  143. Oops, one more note: Since we seem to be communicating by emails easier than comments/posts on TB, let’s just go with that. I’ll leave that site up with the internal administrative posts for reference, in case I get hit by a bus and someone needs to brush up on any upkeep issues.Once we’re all up and running with the new layout, we can leave a final comment here linking to the new page, and disable comments. This thread will then be preserved in amber, so to speak.

  144. Rickbert, The video is “Fightin’Words.” by Trace AdkinsLinky here< HREF="" REL="nofollow">Trace Adkins “Fightin’ Words”<>SvinAndrea, Those words were way better than mine. Thanks.<>SPLASH!!!<>

  145. You know what, I finally had it lurking around the net and doing nothing. It’s not much, but I too will start watching for the propaganda put out by those who wish us destroyed and at least try to bring it to light. Too long have people just sat aside and not taken the threat that these jihadis pose seriously. Unfortunately, I’m thinking it’s going to get worse before people wise up to the subversion of western civilation from within. My case in point, the Hezbollah billboard put up in Windsor, Ontario last week…

  146. Here is another Jihadi that should be removed from youtube, his user name is ‘MujahideenMedia’… At this moment in time, I am looking up how to report the video’s he has posted…

  147. Iwill do all that i can both day & night!if you have any advanced ideas let me know@youtube/cartman114114…..asap under message of course!anybody that has ideas let me know PLEASE!!WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER…

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