April 16th, 2007.
32 people shot dead, 24 wounded. Lone sociopath attacks Virginia University. I hear Frank Zappa in my mind singing”It can’t happen here, it can’t happen here, it can’t happen here, no no no, it can’t happen here.” Ol‘ F.Z. was one sarcastic son of a bitch.
Wake up People!
It does happen here. It happens to people who are defenseless because they have entrusted their safety to the State. It happens to people who live in condition White. Is your personal defense weapon loaded and within reach while you read this. No? Why not? Because”it can’t happen here? Turn on the T.V. babe, cause it’s happening right now, live and in color. Then, stop the wailing and gnashing of teeth and go call the N.R.A. Tell them that you would like to take a firearms qualification course. It takes less than an a day and costs less than $100.00 .
Then, if you live in Virginia, or Wesbygod, or Pennsylvania, or any of the 39 states that issue private concealed carry permits, Go Get One. Then, go buy a pistol whose calibre begins with the number 4. Ya see folks, one lunatic attacks a college with over 26,000 students and probably at least as many staff and workers. He is using 2 9mm pistols. His attack begins around 7:00 A.M. and ends 4 or 5 hours later. He kills 32 people and wounds over 24. Eventually the police show up and the perp assumes room temperature. This the best evidence available that “The Police Can Not Protect You.” The duty to protect you and yours lies with yourself only, but owning a firearm is useless without the proper mind set. You must stop living in condition white(oblivious to one’s surroundings and an easy target-the bad guys can tell, believe me). Condition yellow is easily maintained daily( alert, eyes up, scanning for bad guys,-easy to spot, believe me on this one too). Be prepared to switch to condition Orange at a moments notice( threat identified-Danger!) Then go to condition red if necessary, concentrate on front sight, keep squeezing trigger until threat is eliminated. Afterwards, call 9-11 if you like. Celebrate your survival with good scotch and the roast beast of your choice. Remember what the guy said about the tragedy of flight 93, which was hijacked and crashed in Pennsylvania on 9/11. Same thing applies to this latest modern massacre. “Too many cell-phones, not enough pistols”.
It can happen here folks. It just did. Again.
A tragedy, a travesty.
Muninn out.

5 thoughts on “T.A.R.G.E.T.S.

  1. Aw, Muninn.You beat me to it.“Armed and dangerous” should be a given. Condition Yellow should be a state of being.But this gummint is too scared of its people to tolerate vicious sheep, much less wolves. And so the Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms, guaranteed by the federal government, is routinely and severely infringed by the State and Local governments that are only bound by the Constition by inference.Listen to the talking heads on your “news” prolefeed … why, there’s Nothing stopping STATES from allowing the posting of the ten frickin’ commandments (the Bill of Unrights), they say. And five minutes after the gunsmoke cleared, cops were on-air calling for stricter gun-control, disarm the populace, Rosie FatLez ODonnell leading the charge to take guns away from the law-abiding.It sure didn’t take’em long, did it?

  2. I have done everything possible to tune out the 24/7 yack since the atrocity in Virginia. I knew the second I heard the casualty figures where the prolem was. Thirty dead and twenty wounded by a single assailant? Not one person attempted a counter-attack? Granted the murderer had a firearm, but in any situation weapons abound: desks, chairs, trash cans, books, televisions, etc. Had there been a few warriors present, the guy would have been bludgeoned into submission in short order. Not without casualties, of course. But the threat would have been neutralized within minutes, if not seconds.The story reminds me of a conversation I had with an animal control officer here in New Mexico. He was called to investigate the slaughter of an entire flock of sheep. It turned out to be a big cat attack, probably mountain lion. And why would a lion take out an entire flock when his needs required only one? Because it’s in the nature of the beast to kill anything that moves, and to keep killing until nothing is left standing. Why didn’t the sheep at least attempt to flee? Because sheep have been so thoroughly domesticated over time that they have lost the instinct for self-preservation. Every member of the flock stood there awaiting his turn until the lion turned them all into mutton. Blame it on domestication. Now, sheep weren’t always like this. There exists in Scotland a breed of sheep thought to be as close to the wild variety, from which sheep were domesticated, as any breed now extant. Yup, wild and wooley attack sheep! They are known to butt sheepdogs, and even take on people when they get their dander up.So what has happened to America, apparently now a nation of sheep? Blame it on domestication brought by civilization. Most Americans simply don’t know how to react anymore to a threat upon their persons. The correct response in most situations should be an overwhelming and violent counter-response. ‘Nuff said.~Basil

  3. Muninn, Basil and Aethelred, it is nice to know that you can see eye to eye sometimes, even on something as obvious and simple as the sky is blue, or 2+2=4. What is scary to me is that there are many other people that don’t realize that this tragedy was very significantly magnified by a lack of defensive weapons (a few simple boy scout knives would have changed the dynamics of the situation dramatically)and more importantly, a lack of understanding by our children that they had to attack this problem (person, lunatic) themselves because no one else would or could.There are so many among us that are proud that they are raising a generation of sheep. It is their goal. That is frightening!!!

  4. MacThanks for the input. It is scary to see the younger generations raised to be herd animals, and you are correct,it is being done on purpose. Yes, we occasionally(HA!) disagree, but we are all well trained up on the 1911. Keep up the good fight!Muninn

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