Adler Tag!

The Gathering of Eagles
Washington D.C. March 17th 2007.
Today was the four year mark for Operation Enduring Freedom. To mark the event, the group A.N S.W.E.R.(Adolescent Nutroots Supporting Warped Evil Regimes?) Decided to organize an Anti-War rally to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the 1967 “March on the Pentagon”. The 1967 event drew over 500,000 protesters, including one LSD fueled Abbie Hoffman who organized a mass chant intended to levitate the Pentagon 300 feet into the air and shake out all the evil. That plan worked about as well as A.N.S.W.E.R.’s latest Anti-American fiasco. It seems that some of the more anarchistic members of the Anti-Government crowd, had threatened to deface some Veterans War Memorials as they had done to the Capitol Steps after their last visit. True or not, Veterans from all over the country organized a counter-protest to protect the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and other sites near the march route. It was called “The Gathering of Eagles”, and unlike A.N.S.W.E.R’s “Rent-a-Mob’s”, it was not funded by George Soros, or the American Socialist Party, or CAIR. It was a true grass-roots coalition which was organized in less than six weeks by Mil-bloggers, Veterans organizations, Rolling Thunder, and others. The main stream media has put the number of anti-war protesters at 10-15,000 strong. Fox news and other non-MSM types are estimating that the “Gathering of Eagles” mustered around 30,000 participants. The Moonbats were made to march through a gantlet of Pro-American counter protesters lining both sides of the march route. They did not look very happy. As they crossed over the Main Bridge they were greeted with a large banner reading “GO TO HELL TRAITORS-YOU DISHONOR OUR SACRED DEAD”.
I am overwhelmed and inspired by our Veterans and their supporters. We are beginning to take back the streets from the Communists(Yes, I said Communists-bought and paid for). The main speaker for the nutroots was Mama Moonbat herself, Cindy Sheehan. Upon her introduction on stage there arose such a chorus of Boo’s that I doubt anyone actually heard her speech(although she was not prevented from speaking!). Finally, after 40 years, one can look a Vietnam Vet in the eye and say “Well done, Mission Accomplished!”
Proud once again to be an American!~Muninn

6 thoughts on “Adler Tag!

  1. Zeig heil!Where does this “finally after forty years” stuff come from? The year was 1973 and your were there (to quote Uncle Walter). I was there (at least corporeally). Many of us were there.While I recall much protest against the 12-year pointless struggle against the people of Vietnam, I do not myself recall anyone, then or subsequently or now, dishonoring the soldiers who were sent there. I know some prehistoric moonbats got confused, as did the Gumps who argued with them on camera, but veterans were regarded with awe and pity for the most part. And perhaps that’s the problem,at it’s core.I think perhaps the fact that Nam was our first unequivocal military failure in the 20th C. (we won’t go back to 1812 here) did something to the psyche of the returning soldiers. Most of those Grunts grew up on Life Magazine’s version of the post-WWII environment: the sailor kissing the pretty girl on Times Square with a paper proclaiming Victory! They wanted that, and the fact that it never happened in Nam was pretty hard to take. The “spit on a Nam vet” thing was not the norm, not the case, just not, and never has been. But perhaps the lack of adulation, of GI Bills, of tickertape, of free sex on the streets of Manhattan, of jobs ($$) with the DoD or Raytheon or Boeing, of even a good memory of a successful outcome to that friggin’ war, for Christ’s sake, perhaps that kinda rankled. And in the minds of many disaffected survivors that has been translated (like your “moonbat” and “Lenin’s rope” and other Neocon Cant) into mobs of sneering children lining up at the pier as the transports arrived to expectorate onto the Returning Honored Dead.But it is a fantasy, dood, not history. Isolated incident, not national trend. It may have felt that way to the vets (who surely were getting a raw deal from old RMN and his cronies), but it was not the case.I am pleased that the currently living vets chose to make a statement this weekend protecting the monuments to their fallen comrades and (by inference) the survivors of GW1 and GWII and Desert Swamp – they have been getting a pretty raw deal from Dubya and his cronies. But frankly, their aim was off if they thought the Peace-puppies and earnest oppositionites were their enemies, were seeking to “dishonor” those who fought over there. I know history is maleable, Muninn, and rewriting the 60s and 70s is probably not that bad an idea – they were pretty crappy and could use a good tweeking for propaganda purposes, eh? It’s one of the great things about the past – you can screw with it as you will. But let’s not perpetuate that particular myth, eh? We know better.OR

  2. And a hearty”Hail Victory”back to you good Sir! The 40 years of course refers to the 1967 march and not the date of the abandonment of our Vietnamese allies in 1973. From your alternate history post, one can only assume that your wayback machine has an erratic flux capacitor. Call Mr. Peabody for an immediate replacement. If you have created a paradox that has you trapped in a time that never happened, call Arioch (Blood and Souls only please) and arrange for a meeting with Dr. Morphail. Tell them that you want to get back to the part of the multiverse in which the U.S. actually won the war of 1812.The same time-line in which the U.S. Military spent over a decade fighting to contain Communist expansionism in Vietnam, and our returning troops were branded as “Baby-Killers” and indeed utilized on all too many occasions as spitoons.It is the same timeline in which John Kerry compared our troops to Genghis Kahn, Hanoi Jane joined with the commie NVA and, Leutenant Calley was convicted of war crimes. My-Lai was no Dresden and Abu Ghraib is no Auschwitz .Uncle Walter was against the war from the beginning(probably because Sen. Mccarthy had some of his budies blacklisted).It is the same timeline when millions of people fled South Vietnam in boats, junks and rafts to escape certain execution by their northern bretheren. The same timeline that later saw millions of Cambodians murdered when the communist Kmehr Rouge overthrew the previous government.No Dominoes there.Nope.But I digress. I will try to get Thor to use his Hammer to open a time portal so you can return back to (this) reality if you like, but you seem rather more content with the history you are living now. Only thing is that it is not real. It is a world in which Kruschev has airbrushed all of the worlds evil out of existance, and infected half the world with the chemical toxin that causes Bush Derangement Syndrome.But be warned my friend. If you choose to stay in that alternate universe, you had better brush up on your Arabic.Hope to see you back soon. Your favorite Time-Lord-MuninnP.S. Very nice heraldry in the profile section. Well done.

  3. The Khmer Rouge, John Kerry, BDS and Jane Fonda in the same paragraph? Whoa, I must have touched a nerve, to bring out the whole Neocon Lexicon in one swell foop. Well, I guess if you can’t win the war, you can always rewrite the history books, right Munn?Lessee … we got our capital burnt slap up, failed to take Quebec (the proximal goal for the war), and failed to achieve the PR goal of ensuring safety for American merchant sailors. Yep, that’s a vick-tree. In a pig’s eye.Vietnam was a vick-tree you say? Must be that new “victory-lite” where you abandon ship and toss your weapons into the drink, huh?I say again, the only folks shouting “baby-killer” all the time, old son, were the Hawks sneering at the peace-niks and hippies and promulgating that whole “spit on a vet” lie. Putting words in one’s opponents’ mouths is no new trick (or did you think Rush invented that one?). Our military is doing their job in Iraq and a nasty dangerous job it is. Bravo. But it is a job that really didn’t need doing in the first place, based on a lie, promoted for profit, and with no defined goal. There won’t be a “Mission Accomplished” at the end of this one (no, wait, that’s already happened).There’s a saying, here in Jawjuh: “When you are in a hole, you should stop digging.” Good advice, that. Timelord you may have been (and I do miss the jellybabies, Doc), but you are starting to sound more like a Dalek these days. “Exterminate! Exterminate!”

  4. “The war was unnecessary, based on a lie, and promoted by profit . “? I can only conclude that it’s okay with some that Saddam brutalized his people for decades, attacked his neighbors repeatedly, and was quite willing to risk Armageddon by attacking Israel. And if my memory serves, the U.S. Congress listed over twenty casus belli as legitimate reason to authorize military action. This after nearly a decade of failed attempts under U.N. resolutions to bring the tyrant to heel. “Bush lied; people died” fits nicely on a bumper sticker whereas reasoned argument does not. It seems to me, also, that the profit to be had was finding its way into the pockets of U.N. officials complicit in Saddam’s schemes to bypass sanctions. Selective memory is a symptom of Bush Derangement Syndrome. Fortunately, BDS is an airborn phenomenon easily avoided by turning off one’s television. I recommend that other disease vectors such as newspapers and magazines be burned to prevent the spread of the disease. There is no known cure.

  5. Well done, Baz. You have the cant almost down – hardly a trace of liberal thinking left in evidence.Profit? I have two words for you: Halli and Burton.And as for Saddam being a mean old SOB, no question at all, at all. So are the rulers of more than half the nations of the world. In fact, other than a handful of English Speaking Nations (and the USA is only tenuously holding on to that distinction), there are precious few places you COULDN’T invade, if “He’s a meanie” is a sufficient casus belli.Anyway, I just wanted to complement you on losing those last few pesky atoms of humanity.

  6. Red, King Hal deserves his profit because it’s fairly earned. He’s a capitalist; profit provides the incentive. Do you think he should rebuild Iraq’s infrastructure out of altruism? Maybe that would make his stockholders feel better, but that’s feeble currency when someone’s money is at risk. Truly, the world is full of SOB’s. But not every tin-plated dictator gasses his own people, or provokes a superpower by attempting to monopolize a critical resource, or drops SCUD’s on a nuclear armed neighbor. Saddam was in a category of his own. He was a danger to world peace with few peers. So, that makes me less than a humanitarian? And all along I thought humanitarianism might include liberating a people from tyranny. Silly me.

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