Young Lions

Why we will win

On the right is newly minted Private First Class Jesse A. Mills U.S.M.C., in Wesbygod on leave after graduating from Parris Island. One of the most outstanding young men I have ever had the pleasure to meet. On the left is his long time Kamerade Matt, soon to follow a similar path and cut of the same cloth. Stopped by Uncle Muninn’s place for a couple of days shooting, the occasional Lager and more shooting. After that we did some more shooting and were re-supplied with a fresh shipment of Spaten with the timely arrival of the rest of Jesse’s family and friends. Allfather Odin has gifted to us a new generation of young warriors who simply do not grasp the concept of defeat. Tyr will grant them victory. I am sure of it. Jesse is leaving today for specialist training in AFV recovery and repair.(Panzers!!!) I am sure this will be only the beginning of this highly motivated soldiers career. He has the best support possible. Family, friends, the Corps and America. Also the ghost of Stonewall shall attend the festivities I am sure!

Here is to America’s next generation of Young Lions. We salute you!

Note-Click on title to hear “Panzerlied”

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