The Spirit of Markland

For Knavery, Licentiousness, Thievery, Pillage, Arson, Drunkenness, Looting, Running Away, Cheating at Dice, Avarice, Duplicity, Drunkenness, Telling of Falsehoods to Maidens, Monarchism, Klotting with Orcs, Drunkenness, Spreading Falsehoods of Plague, Spreading of Plague, Dueling, Not Dueling, Carrying of Weapons, Poaching, Drunkenness, Paganism, Witchcraft, acting to spread fear and Chaos, Keeping of Vermin, Eating of Vermin, Consorting with Vermin (You know who you are), Treachery, Acting the fool, sinking Atlantis and killing Cock Robyn.
If you have seen this man, do not attempt to approach unless you are well armed and bear tokens of Fealty(a good single malt should do the trick). Fleeing Felon is rumored to have changed his appearance by enchantments which make his hair to appear white and his bearing to be that of an older man. He is rumored to have retreated to his estates in Salisbury, and with his wife intends to raise a squadron of Kavalrie. He was last spied by Muninn at the realm . We shall invite him to defend and explain his bizarre behaviour here at “Quoth The Raven”. He is best known as Barchan the Kipchack, slayer of the Turk, defender of the nine realms, Lord of Markland, etc… and is also known to travel under the alias…”Greg”. Caution is advised.
~Muninn out.~

One thought on “The Spirit of Markland

  1. Wow! Great pic of the Barchan.I foundhim recently … he and his wife (!) bought a horse farm on the Eastern Shore. He was featured in a couple of articles about jousting with the SCA a few years ago.Thanks for the memories.

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