6 thoughts on “The State of the Union

  1. Gosh,if you pick at it, it’ll never heal!
    Dude, I wish the Dubster HAD made this speech. But coming out like that would have involved a fundamental honesty that has been sadly lacking in his administration ( or to quote the President of the United States, “Heh-heh-heh [shrug] heh.”)
    Jule Crittenden may, in fact, be speaking the Prezzy’s mind about EVIL, just as the pundits of the 1960s were speaking THEIR presidents’ minds about the Domino Theory and the Commy Menace.
    That, to me, is unfortunate. I do not believe that Iraq EVER represented a threat to this nation, or that Afghanistan was an imminent danger to, say, WestBygod.
    Al Qaeda/Quaida/Kaydah is a pack of dangerous criminals. They should be tracked and killed, not given a playground on a platter.
    George W. Bush has, indeed, “made mistakes.” These were not Reagan’s “mistakes were made,” but real Presidential Errors in Judgment that were based on cynical lies, manipulation of fact, demagoguery, avarice.
    Our nation is paying for those errors, and will continue to pay for them, probably for quite a while.
    GWB does not make me shrill or condescending (sorry Baz), but like most revealed prevaricators, he does make me weary.
    724 Days and 16 Hours? Seems like an eternity.

  2. I will waste no more words trying to convince the willfully blind that a great evil this way comes. No amount of logic, no historical perspective, nor any appeal to the memory of 911 will open their eyes. It is time for analysis. What is it about Western Civilization that our culture can so easily dismiss itself, abandon the virtues of our forefathers, and deny the validity of ideas forged in the Enlightenment? I will name the enemy, but it is not Islamofascism. The combination of religious fanaticism and psychotic nihilism is only the threat; the problem lies elsewhere. A universal principle is beginning to manifest in front of me. It appears cyclic in nature. Rise and fall, ebb and flow, creation and destruction, each is a flip side in the coin of the universe. And the universe cares not one wit on which side the coin lands. The principle is partly entropic. All form runs to chaos, reforms in new patterns, and runs again in endless cycles of birth and destruction. We cannot avoid the process, only from time to time delay it. What man builds must eventually fall. Every civilization has. Every civilization will. It would seem that western society has reached a point of absolute decadence. There is no antidote, just as there is no cure for death. We must lance the pustule before the infection becomes systemic. We can buy time, but we cannot arrest the process. The enemy is societal decadence, and we are already thouroughly infected. Could it be that freedom can only be born from a condition of non-freedom? It cannot, apparently, be passed on through generations as a birthright. It must be fought for. To enjoy freedom, one must first win his freedom. What is not earned is never valued. When freedom is taken as a right, it suffers for lack of nourishment. It withers and dies. Tyranny is the flip side of freedom. Must we again suffer tyranny before the human spirit will rise again and demand freedom? I think yes. It is only the fight, the blood sacrifice, that allows human freedom to flourish. This would seem to be the earthly manifestation, the human element, in a principle that is truly universal. To recognize a principle at work, at least, gives us a chance. There is still hope. But I must cogitate further. ~B

  3. Aethelred.
    You should have been an astronomer. A telescope can only see into the past. Those who study quantum physics(for example)may use this information to form a theory of the way things work. It will of course be impossible for them to explain this theory to the common man. Politicians sometimes have a similar problem. They have enough information to form a cogent guess at future events(and some of the more audacious may even attempt to alter these events before they spin out of control)but they cannot readily explain it to the average person.Cynical lies, manipulation of fact, avarice, are the very definition of govornment, not the exception. Adolf Hitler is quoted as saying “What good fortune for those in power that people do not think.” You know this well, so your declamations that all of this is(to paraphrase Claude Rains)”Shocking” is simply gratuitous.
    Here is the situation. The wars of the 20th century were fought over ideology. Bloody as they were, they pale in comparison to the wars the 21st century will bring. These will not be ideological, but wars over dwindling resources and proliferating systems of nuclear destruction.”Sherman! Set the wayback machine to 1990.” You may recall a small embraglio involving Iraq and Kuwait. Why did “Ol’ Saddam decide that Iraq needed a new province. Seashore real estate boom? Nah.The leftards had gotten it half right. It was a war for oil. Had we not gone to war then, it is concievable that Saddam may have also tried to manipulate Saudi oil exports as well. He had fought an 8 year war against Iran for guess what? Bingo-Oil again. Had the Israelis not taken out his nuclear reactor when they did, I would give zero credence to your supposition that he never threatened the U.S. It took ten years of no fly zones and 18 U.N resolutions before somebody(Dubya, or his evil handlers, however you wanna spin it)finally took the guy out. In the interim he managed to slaughter a couple of hundred thousand marsh arabs and Kurds.
    Flash forward to present(thanks Sherm.)Demand for oil from the West, China, and other developing countries will cause a crisis of supply. The vital infrastructure of the oil terminal facilities, and the safety of the sea lanes can only be assured by one country. You have 1 guess as to whom that might be. The entire region is being de-stabilized by religious fundamentalists(BTW-do you only hate them when they are white Christian republicans?)who are Hel-bent on acquiring nukes and attacking U.S. assets overseas or at home. They are like the Terminator. They wont stop. You cant Ignore them. You can only kill them. The entire 21st Century will be a WAR FOR OIL! We must win it. Dubya has gotten us a good start by siezing the central position and anyone who suggests that we abandon this ground paid for with American blood and treasure should be hanged as the traitors that they truly are. I dont give a fig what Maliki or any other bogus Iraki Government wants us to do. We need to pacify Irak by any means necessary and then pick a fight as soon as possible with the nut case next door.We dont need his shithole country for anything but the oil ports. I’ll even let the chinese keep the northern oil fields unless they mess with Taiwan or our fleet. The rest of the country can glow in the dark for all I care. Dubya said in his speech that this war would be inter-generational. Let us hope that he is wrong once again and that AmeriCa finds its missing backbone and makes it short decisive and victorious. My scrying bowl is darkening now.I fear only Ragnarok awaits.

  4. Basil.
    You are on the path to a great philosophical and historical truth. Keep up the good work. You do Mr. Whittle proud. I will leave you with a thought problem posed by Nietzsche regarding the eternal recurrance. I am afraid of what I know my answer would be.
    “What, if some day or night a demon were to steal after you into your loneliest loneliness and say to you: ‘This life as you now live it and have lived it, you will have to live once more and innumerable times more’ … Would you not throw yourself down and gnash your teeth and curse the demon who spoke thus? Or have you once experienced a tremendous moment when you would have answered him: ‘You are a god and never have I heard anything more divine.’ [The Gay Science, ยง341]
    Sleep well~Muninn

  5. “Demons” and “the enemy manifest” and 911 and scary zealot/nihilists sneaking into your bedroom in the nightand haunting your dreams, fellas?
    Your knee is jerking even when it hasn’t been hit. I thought we agreed to leave Fox News soundbites out of this?
    “Cynical lies, manipulation of fact, avarice, are the very definition of govornment, not the exception. Adolf Hitler is quoted as saying “What good fortune for those in power that people do not think.”
    Ah, sadly, you are correct sir, as was Herr Hister. How apt a quotation. How fitting a source.
    Does that mean that I have to like it? Thank you sir, may I have another – whack -? Does that mean that it must be that way for ever, Mun?
    “The leftards had gotten it half right. It was a war for oil.”
    It still is, Muninn. The beneficiaries of this war are not (and never have been) the American people. Who HAS benefitted? Follow the money.
    Mumble paranoic delusions about the evil demons and spirits and the domino theory if you must, but acknowledge that I am not fool enough to buy that, anymore than you are.
    This is no grand movement in World History. This is no Turning Point in Western Events. This is no Crusade to ensure that the Ayrabs keep in their place.
    “Social decadence” Baz? How about the MORAL decadence that would cynically sacrifice nations on the altar of oil?
    To believe that what is happening in Iraq will have any outcome resembling “freedom” is beyond gullible. We did not send dipplemats and negoshittors to that pest hole to establish freedom, we sent the guys with M-16s to secure oilfields so Saddam wouldn’t dominate the Saudis so the price of our crude wouldn’t rise beyond profit level for our refineries. Wow, that has sure turned out well for the price of High Test at the pump, ain’t it?
    So how may we proceed that we may arrive at a conclusion? What can we do to pull our heads out of that bucket?
    Native self-governance friendly to the US? Well, Ole Shaddam did a real fine job of sweeping potential opponents off the political map. But without him, Iraq is possibly incapable of self-governance with its current multi-ethnic, religiously divided population.
    The chances of Our Glorious Army successfully establishing an environment where Iraq can establish freedom, the general welfare and the blessings of liberty (yadda yadda yadda), are zilch, under current doctrine. Surging the troop levels in the current “police mode” will achieve an acceleration of the course of events, just as stomping on the gas does not brake a car.
    The only way to achieve what the administration is apparently defining as “Mission Accomplished” – the birth of said America-loving Iraqi-led government – is if our forces are directed to commit genocide on behalf of whichever sect/subculture we find least objectionable.
    There’s a word for that kind of action. Let me hear you say it, please.
    Oh, and by the way, Sherman, my trip through the Wayback showed me Iraq would still had to SELL that petrogoo, so even had Ole Saddam snagged and held Kuwait (as Daddybush told him to), the difference to our own access to the stuff would have changed little.
    But the Wayback Machine and alternate reality always give me motion sickness, so let’s give Mr. Peabody a rest.
    Flash forward to the present.
    So, follow that telescopic vision of yourn, Muninn old son, and see what must happen. Tell me now how to achieve Joy through Strength. Tell me how Crittenden’s version of the State of the Union results in the desired outcome in the Middle East and Afghanistan.
    You have said it before, so I know you are capable of it.

  6. Aethelred,
    By the God’s I am impressed. Those last few paragraphs of yours paraphrase exactly the questions that need most to be addressed. Can we do what is necessary and remain civilized, or do we stay with our traditional value systems while the vultures and hyenas feed on the dying carcass of Liberal western thought. Finally you have turned around. Do you not see the abyss before you? Limited warfare has not worked since the time of Von Clausewitz. I am not troubled in the least by night-demons from Hiroshima nor Nagasaki nor Dresden nor even from Mauthausen nor Buchenwald.”Totaler Krieg, Totaler Sieg!” Now the astronomers work is complete. The past is an open book. The mind is the only tool we have to help us visualize and shape the future. As Crittenden’s Dubya Doppelganger asked,”Are you withe me or against us?” Let me hear you say what must be done.
    All the best~Muninn
    (BTW-I have never ever seen Fox news in my life,dont even know if I get it on my tv. You know that I am fair and balanced. I read the Washington comPost every morning and listen to Rush every afternoon. On Saturdays, I even listen to Garrison Kiellor, after the Opera is over.Sometimes I even read books!) I guess I should just resign my membership in the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy before the show trials start.

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