Frohe Jule

All this talk of ancient religions from the deserts of the east.”Are we not Hyperboreans?”* I do not accept the concept of “Original Sin” so I have no need to be forgiven of anything, thanks anyway. What kind of debased self loathing could lead to the worship of a Deity that hates it’s own worshippers? The Gods created man so that they would become strong and be an asset to them. So that they could look upon their creation and be proud. It seems to me wise to choose to give favour to Deities that reflect our strengths and values. Conversely it seems self destructive to honor the weak,the sickly, the pacifist, and all else that is loathsome to a proud and healthy Society. Behold what this hath wrought!!!
At the time of the Winter Solstice, when light begins to regain strength over the encroaching darkness, The Sacred Yule Tree is removed from its carton, in which it was macickally transported from the Land of the Chinese Emperors. His legion of skilled(yet strangely tiny) elves have crafted a wondrous tree everlasting, which is assembled in 3 parts and is lit with more lights than there be stars in the sky. Its needles neither dry nor turn brown. Truly it represents the tree of life Yggdrasil, and the multi hued lights are as the Rainbow Bridge, which is called Bifrost and leads to Aesgard. There dwells Odin,The All Father, Chooser of the Slain, Meadbringer, Master of Cargos, Lord of Vallhalla, The One-Eyed, The Master of the Runes. All men and women, the Thralls, The Jarls, and the Princes were created by Odin and his two brothers Villi and Ve, the sons of Bor.
Then the sacred offerings are placed upon the wondrous and everlasting tree. Treasures hoarded from a lifetime rich in luck and labor. At the top Rides Brunhilde, Odins daughter, crafted in the Edwardian fashion to resemble an angel of some eastern mythology. Below The fire -ringed one stands Lord Vader of the Empire, who cautions all who pass by that”You are not a Jedi yet!” From another Quadrant flies a small miniature ark of white, marked with the mysterious runes NCC- 1701. So ingeniously crafted is this contrivance , that when a hidden button is pushed, the voice of the sacred St.Nimoy reminds us all to” live long and prosper”. By the roots of this wondrous tree, like the Harts that gnaw upon the roots of World Tree lurks a hidden vessel of Romulan design. There is a wondrous Crystal Stag encased in a hollow globe of ice that never melts. There are sleds and tree spirits and the wonderful golden apples that the goddess feeds to all who shall live forever.
On the opposite wall, facing the most splendid of trees, is a most amazing likeness of the Martyred St. Stonewall of Chancellorsville, And on his left the likeness of Uncle Robert The Beloved. An old .44 cap and ball musket guards the southern wall, and a lamp always burns in the window to show that All-Fathers law of Hospitality reigns in this hall throughout the season. Thus it is in the Mountain Fastness of the Land of Romney. My wish to all this holiday season is that the gifts of the Gods do not too soon slip away from us. That strength,courage,wisdom and cunning wax greater and wane less. That our swords remain sharp and our minds clear. That we may slay our enemies and increase our friends. Also-Free Ammo and Beer for everybody!!!
Frohe Jule-Muninn
*Nietzsche-“The Antichrist” 1-1

One thought on “Frohe Jule

  1. And a bonny yule to ye, as well, Muninn!
    Thor be gentle with all who dwell in the vertical lands and leave your paths and tracks unblocked.
    Freyr keep the nights ahead filled with light and warmth and food. Heimdall gard you and yours.
    Give Mrs. Muninn my best.
    And St. Mork says “nano-nano”.

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