Letter from Parris Island

Just got this letter from a 21 year old friend of mine. He has achieved his goal of getting accepted as a recruit in the United States Marine Corps. Because of a childhood eye injury, he had to get numerous waivers and letters of endorsement to be allowed to join. His recruiter said she had never seen anyone fight so hard to get in to the Corps. He has given me permission to post parts of his letter to the web. Read it.

” Here it is. Parris Island, South Carolina. A pitiful sand flea infested island in the middle of a swamp.The weather though isn’t all that bad but the sand fleas are still ridiculous. We always drill in the grass and sand and it stirs them up.

The chow is awesome though. They always got good food and plenty of it. I’m,I mean “This recruit” is talking about Lasagna or country fried steak, spaghetti and meatballs, garlic bread. Full meals everyday, three times a day. I love that. Only problem is we have very little time to eat it.

Today is training day nine. Next week we go to the gas chamber and in about two or three weeks we go to the rifle range.So far all we have done is drill and go to classes on Law of Warfare, Customs and Courtesies, Marine Corps History etc. Good classes. All helpful. Training day one,which was actually a week after I got here, we got issued our rifles. A:




is what I was issued. We drill with it everyday but have yet to shoot it, field strip it, or even put it in my shoulder. Pretty cool though anyhow.

Well look, I gotta study, so I am going to get on, but I really look forward to hearing from you all. Sincerely, I do.

Keep in touch!”


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