As all good Vikings know, the rainbow bridge that leads to Aasgard(and Vallhalla) is called BIFROST. Sometimes it becomes visible around this time of year(All Hallows Eve, Samhain, etc…) I was lucky enough to get a picture of it last night around the gloaming. We mortals may not cross. Our stairway is the pillar of smoke from the Funeral Pyre. Happy Holiday to the Einheriar to come.


One thought on “BIFROST

  1. Beauty, and I recognize the view! Wonderful photo. Heimdahl’s tollroad is keeping traffic on Bifrost to a minimum this evening. I understand the Smokepillar Expressway has backups, though, so unless you have an express pass, expect delays from Midgard to the Valhalla Exit. Past Valhalla, traffic is moving well all the way to Hel’s Gate.And happy motoring.

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